Weight Loss Concepts That Do More Harm Than Good

There are a few buzz words in the weight loss industry that you will want to avoid.


Because they do MORE HARM than good.

You might feel pretty desperate to lose weight…..like you’d try just about anything. I get that.

You KNOW you’ll feel so much better when you drop the pounds and your clothes fit better and you feel like moving and WANT to be seen!

That’s why I’m sharing one of the most powerful practices I teach for weight loss-right here, right now, completely free.
This is a practice that builds a foundation for a lifetime of healthy weight without emotional eating!!

Right now in The Brain Makeover we have several members who have set the intention to lose weight and we are getting ready to do a Three Week Detox to help RESET their hormones and metabolic clock to assist them in reaching their goals.



Here’s the 2 Most Dangerous Weight Loss Concepts That Do More Harm than Good:

#1-Calorie Restriction

You read that right.  I know you might think that restricting your calories is THE WAY to lose weight, but that’s not the case.  Hunger and the need for calories are as natural to your body as needing sleep, air or water!  If you restrict calories, your body will flip the switch to STORE MORE FAT.  Rather than cut calories, it is critical for weight loss to FEED your body real nutrients from real, whole foods and eliminate empty calories that often have ingredients that literally throw off the body’s communication system known as hormones.   When you restrict calories, you starve your body AND your brain and when the brain is starved of the nutrients it needs, it can’t produce important feel good chemicals like Serotonin.  Depleted levels of Serotonin and other neurotransmitters are actually the CAUSE of cravings. Cravings cause you eat more empty calories.  Never ending c ycle.

#2-Appetite Suppressant

It is GOOD to have an appetite!  This is your body and brain letting you know when they need fuel to think better, work harder, have energy and stamina, burn fat and power you through your day!
The appetite of the body is the very last thing you want to destroy.  A far more effective approach is to quite the rumbling of the mind which contributes to emotional eating, cravings and eating for comfort or out of boredom!

A FANTASTIC way to restore your natural appetite and reset your blood sugar levels and metabolic clock is to do a
Three Week Sugar DetoxWe’re about to do this in The Brain Makeover and I’m sharing the
3 most important reasons we do this:

#1-Sugar is the #1 stress to the body and brain

#2-Sugar causes the release of cortisol and insulin-two bio-chemicals that serve a purpose in the short term but are very damaging at high levels for prolonged periods of time.

#3-Eating sugar breeds eating more sugar. Sugar is 4 times as addictive as cocaine.

The concept is straight-forward…eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet for three weeks!

In preparation for the Detox, our Brain Makeover members have learned a VERY important foundational concept that I want to share with you right now.  It’s called

The Urge To Eat

You can develop a healthy appetite and settle into a natural weight by eating when your body is HUNGRY versus eating for other emotional and reactionary reason.  The practice below will help you discern EXACTLY why you are having the urge to eat.  When you feel that urge to eat..review the 4 possible reasons below and determine…..just what is it that is making you want to eat right now?


How do you know when you eat out of hunger?
Your stomach actually growls.
You can eat any real whole food and it feels good.

Blood Sugar Imbalance
How do you know if your blood sugar is out of balance? Blood sugar becomes imbalanced from eating sugar, flour and simple carbs. Signs of Blood Sugar Imbalance include: nervousness, sighing and yawning, exhaustion, weakness, irritability, faintness, dizziness, depression,  tremors, cold sweats, headaches, drowsiness, insomnia, forgetfulness,  confusion, constant worrying, numbness, unprovoked anxiety ,crying spells , cravings for sweets or alcohol, leg cramps, heart palpitations, rapid pulse, blurred vision, indecisiveness, itching and crawling, lack of coordination, skin sensations, lack of concentration, unconsciousness, musical twitching and jerking.
Natural ways to balance your blood sugar in eating every 2-3 hours, eating protein and eating 1 gram of fiber per 4 grams of carbs.

How do know when you eat out of habit?
Easy-you can say….”no….let’s make a new choice” and it works
Simply bringing your attention to the habit allows you to make a new choice that you can follow.

How do you know when you have a craving? There is an emotion involved.
Ask yourself, in what way will having this food make me feel better?
Link the emotion you answer with to a brain chemical depletion.
Cravings are your mind talking NOT your body

When you eat from TRUE HUNGER only, you’ll lose weight.  When you give the body and brain the nutrients they need you’ll see that your hormones function as intended and your appetite guides you to natural weight balance.

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