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People blog to share their view, connect with others and express their creativity.

People journal to share their view, connect with others, express their creativity, solve problems, make decisions, maintain focus, relieve stress, release negative thoughts, boost energy, improve enthusiasm, explore their dreams and even heal themselves. What would you rather do?  I’m no different.

I named my company One Whole Health because just as there is collective consciousness, there is collective health.  Your health affects my health and vice versa.  What better way could I contribute to your well being than by sharing my own healing process through my journals.

Tammy, TN

Tammy, TN
I started this program mainly because I wanted to even out mood swings and be in a better mood more often and I can definitely say that as happened for me .I’m much more even with my moods and in a better mood more often. What I didn’t know would happen is that I’ve eliminated coffee and alcohol from my routine and it was easy! If you would have told me I’d be asked to eliminate sugar for 3 weeks, I would not have thought I could do that, but it truly was easy once I was taking all of my supplements. I’ve even been stuck in an airport and not wanted to go have a drink to kill time. I don’t use a scale anymore but judging from how clothes fit, etc I know I’ve lost weight and more impressive-did not gain any over the holidays. My sleep has improved and my energy is improving (even without caffeine) and I have a few more things to do for that. People don’t trigger me as much at work and I don’t take things personally anymore, which has made me more productive. I know I’ll keep up with these changes and new habits because I feel so much better

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