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People blog to share their view, connect with others and express their creativity.

People journal to share their view, connect with others, express their creativity, solve problems, make decisions, maintain focus, relieve stress, release negative thoughts, boost energy, improve enthusiasm, explore their dreams and even heal themselves. What would you rather do?  I’m no different.

I named my company One Whole Health because just as there is collective consciousness, there is collective health.  Your health affects my health and vice versa.  What better way could I contribute to your well being than by sharing my own healing process through my journals.

Carol, FL

I was feeling exhausted, overweight, confused about what to eat, irritable, stressed, hopeless. I was hoping to rid my insomnia, lose at least 10 lbs., have energy, think clearer, be less stressed. I had hesitations because I wasn’t sure I could make any significant progress with my symptoms or if I could even stick with the program and was hoping I didn’t throw money away. After The Brain Makeover, I am less stressed. Some people continue to challenge me and I am learning to let go or figure out how to speak up. Life looks brighter and I am dealing with some issues in a more constructive way. I can rebound quicker than before the program. I’ve learned that food doesn’t have to rule my life and I don’t have to eat every time I feel hungry or think about food (although it is important to eat on a regular schedule to prevent drops in blood sugar). It’s hard to put into words but something is shifting inside me. Negative self-talk is fading slowly and I am learning to feel more comfortable in my life as it is. I have begun a conversation with my partner that needed to take place and was able to communicate in a clearer and more honest way.
This program works. When you nourish the brain, all kinds of good things can happen. It is worth the effort, time and money to feel better and be given good tools to help along the way back to good health and well-being. And Leah is a gem to work with; always so supportive, thoughtful and brilliant.

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