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This series was created to help you:

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  • Find freedom from cravings and emotional eating
  • Let go of anxiety and depression and
  • Stop stress from sabotaging you so you can enjoy your life

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  • Here’s The Complete List of Speakers and Topics:

    Debra Atkinson - Exercise for a Better Brain
    Cavin Balaster - Feed A Brain for Brain Injury Recovery
    Nicole Beurkens - Brain Food for Better Behavior
    Dr. Loretta Breuning - Anxiety: What Turns It On. What Turns It Off.
    Karen Curry Parker - Human Design: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are!
    Dr. Michael Cotton - Higher Brain Living
    Dr. Dan Engle -
    Concussion Repair and Recovery
    Dr. Deborah Fryer - Rewiring Your Brain for Success
    Cassandra Gaisford - Your Beautiful Mind: The Surprising Joy of Sobriety
    Samantha Gilbert - Underlying Causes of Mental Health Disorders and How Nutrients Affect the Brain
    Darin Ingels - Lyme Disease and Your Brain
    Charmaine Ironside - Love Your Way Light
    Louisa Jewell - Wire Your Brain for Confidence
    Kristen Kancler - 3 Steps to Stop Obsessing about Food and Cravings
    Malaine Lea - Surrender Code for Abundance
    Dan LeFave - How to Invest Your Most Valuable Currency
    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - Reboot Your Energy & Endocrine System
    Christina Louise -
    Eva Medilek - Steps to Conquering Limiting Beliefs
    Ali Miller - The Anti-Anxiety Diet
    Akshay Nanavati - Fearvana: How to Transform Fear, Stress & Anxiety into Health, Wealth & Happiness

    Dr. Tom O’Bryan - Autoimmune Disease Solution
    Ilene Ruhoy - Neuroprotection for Brain Wellness
    Dr. Friedemann Schaub - Break Through Fear & Anxiety with the Subconscious Mind
    Kim Serafini - Technology Trends, Timing & Terrific Teams - Your Wellbeing for your Best Brain
    Julie Simon - When Food Is Comfort
    Holly Woods - Visualizing & Embodying Your Superpowers

    Bonus Trainings:

    Dina Proctor - Rewire Your Brain Using 3x3 Meditations
    Tana Amen - The Brain Warrior’s Way
    Rick Hanson -
    The Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness
    Robin Nielsen - Why You Must Balance Your Hormones To Have a Free & Fearless Mind
    Joe Vitale - Watch your RAS-The Secret to Changing Your Thoughts
    Dr. Jay Faber - Enlightening Ways to Rehab Your Brain & Improve Your Life
    Robyn Benson - 5 Top Ways to Unleash Your Brain Power
    Leah Lund - Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Happiness, Health and Success?

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