Success Stories

Nothing can speak to the results that have been achieved in our coaching programs better than the words of our client’s themselves.  Here’s what just a few of the hundreds of people we’ve helped have had to say about their coaching program:


Britta, NY
Britta, NY
Founder of CV Skin Labs

Leah - thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and passion to help men and women to really step into their power by balancing their brain health and having them challenge their belief system - you are a true gem!! I learned and got so much more than what I came for. So grateful!

I went to my goals that we wrote when we started and I copied them here with how I feel today in in caps right after - wow!!

1) stop helping others in detriment to my needs and health (burn out) --- DEF BY STARTING TO SAY NO AND NOT OVERBOOKING MYSELF, BEEN PRIORITIZING ME, LESS PEOPLE PLEASING

2)stop cravings w sugar or artificial sweeteners and abstain from sugar for the long haul not just months at a time --- GONE GONE GONE

3) get to bed by 11pm (I have such a hard time with this and it makes sense that low seratonin does not produce melatonin) I am always wired until midnight or past but I know I feel my best when I go to bed before 11pm yet it's seems I cannot seem to do this) -- STILL WORKING ON THIS ONE BUT COMMITTED TO MAKING A PRIORITY

4) stop the dieting/BINGE/SUGAR cycle - GONE ------- 34 DAYS TODAY - WOOHOOO

5) get out of burn out/exhaustion/overwhelm/chronic stress -- DONE - still tired but not stressed or feeling burned OUT AT ALL I HAVE BEEN 'STRESSED' FOR 4 YEARS STRAIGHT!!!!!!

6) Not want to use something to feel better or numb (food, alcohol, overwork, shopping) but instead take care of myself with loving actions not self destructive - NOT PERFECT BUT MOST DEF THE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT EVER. THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IS I AM EVEN LETTING GO OF TURNING TO PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS FOR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT AND RELYING ON MY CLOSE SISTER FRIENDS, YOU GUYS, GOD AND ME!


I am going to miss this group!Thank you for all your love, support and feedback and for sharing so much of yourselves!I LOVE YOU ALL and sending you all my best for a continuous journey of self love, self care and health!

Shanda, NE
Shanda, NE
Day Care Provider & Mom of 4

I was mostly just hoping to stabilize my emotions so that I didn't need to go on an antidepressant again. I had already read the Mood Cure and was convinced that aminos could be helpful but felt like I needed more one-on-one guidance. My only hesitation was money. What if I invested in the program and then it didn't work? Thankfully, that wasn't the case! I am a very frugal person, and I feel like I received an excellent return on the price of the program.

I felt like the program helped me make the decision to make a much needed job change. It helped me to consider my needs more and not just the needs of my family. The amino portion of the program helped me to stabilize my emotions so that I don't feel the need of an antidepressant in order to function well and move forward with the plans that I have for myself and my family. I have started eating more vegetables and less sugar and gluten. I feel like it's a lifestyle change that I can stick with. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy size after baby number four! I am sleeping much much better. I think that is probably the best blessing of all.

After just one month on the program, my husband commented on how much easier I am to get along with and how much better I am doing overall. That alone is probably the best proof of progress possible 🙂 I am consuming significantly less sugar and caffeine. It feels great to finally realize how much havoc they were causing in my body. I felt like the aminos and the counseling helped me to stick with it long enough for new habits to form.

I would tell anyone thinking of doing this program to-Do it! It's so worth it. I am in such a better place than if I had just gone on another antidepressant because this comprehensive program has taken me to a place where I am no longer just surviving, but thriving, even though I am still under very distressing family related circumstances.

I plan to start counseling soon with a new counselor to continue learning how to release the sadness that I feel about my child’s special needs. The more I can release the fear of the future, the better equipped I will be in supporting her. I really wish that she wasn't going through this but I feel like this just is what is. I feel like I have enough peace now to stop wasting my energy fruitlessly trying to control outcomes. I want to use my energy wisely to move forward with whatever each day brings.

Leah, as I said on the phone, you have helped me immeasurably. I needed your feedback in order to be consistent with the aminos and take the amounts that my body needs. The program allowed me to rest in your expertise and follow your lead. You are thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable. You are made for what you do

Alice, Calgary AB
Alice, Calgary AB
Mom of Six

I came to this program feeling depressed, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, angry and suffering from sugar cravings. Looking back, I remember in the beginning when I thought all of this was too hard and that it wouldn’t work for me and that I couldn’t do it, Leah, and you said just give it five weeks and I’ll feel better. I didn’t believe it, but it worked! Now I feel REALLY good. My mood is maintained and even when I get more stressed or more sensitive, I know exactly what to do about it. I’ve realized that sugar makes me angry and it’s not worth it. I stay away from it. This has been life changing and I can’t find words to express how much this has helped me.

Kimberly, IN
Kimberly, IN
Retired Paralegal & Mom

I’ve learned that it’s not about expecting things not to change, it’s about how I handle the change. I can grieve and still be making progress. My energy is much better and I’m not dragging any more. I’ve been regularly meditating and doing breathing exercises and talking more with my husband.

All this combined means my mood is much better. I don’t crave sugar anymore! I feel like I should have always felt yet never, ever felt before.

Gina, PA
Gina, PA
Business Owner & Mom

I started this program because I knew "I don't have time for me" wasn't working anymore. Even though my son was going through a very difficult situation, I knew I had to put myself first. Durings program I have noticed: Feeling less puffy or bloated now that I'm off alcohol and carbs Feeling satisfied at breakfast without toast and then I don't feel tired later Feeling good that I can sustain this long term I know I can handle my son's situation I feel better emotionally, psychologically and physically I'm not as aggravated at work even though we are taking over another company My relationship with my husband has improved-we laugh more! My husband, mother in law and counselor have all noticed and comment how well I handle things now & how great I look My outlook is much better, more stable and I can stay focused now and accept what I can't change and not let those things take over my life I feel much more stable I've stopped putting off things in my life and only focusing on my son I feel optimistic and even keel Overall, I feel like I got myself back to being the person I used to be EVEN while going through this difficult situation. Best things -I know how to keep going with that and keep myself on track.

Julie, QLD, AU
Julie, QLD, AU

I’m becoming more self-aware and conscious of my thinking patterns-particularly the inner critic, who I’m getting better at debunking!

I’m feeling more optimistic and motivated What I wanted when I started was to feel good about myself. I wanted to be less moody and volatile. I wanted to feel more motivated and enthusiastic-about my job, my family and my life! I wanted to stop comparing myself and my lot with other people and their’s…I was feeling like I came up second best. I wanted to go back to my healthy weight too.

Things that I feel have changed since starting this program:

  • I’m definitely cooking more, experimenting in the kitchen more and eating and desiring more healthy foods
  • I’ve lost about 4 kgs (9 lbs) and actually feel ok in my swimsuit again!
  • I’m less anxious in general and especially at work
  • I’m relating better to my partner and daughter and feel more connected to both of them
  • I’m having more fun and trying different ways to have fun
  • Food is not central to a good time for me anymore
  • I’m caffeine-free! And have mostly good energy levels despite this
  • I’m more health-oriented-I’m seeking new ways of maintaining my health
  • I have fewer negative thoughts and less of a stagnant feeling
  • I’m address my own and my family’s health needs in a more timely fashion
  • I’m being more proactive and less procrastinating
  • So when I write all of that down, I feel quite a sense of achievement! I feel I have made a shift, a change that's positive. I feel I'm gaining momentum with my new healthy habits and I'm excited!!

    Thanks Leah, for giving me the structure and accountability I needed to get back on track!

    Administrative Assistant & Mom

    Looking back at when I first started this program I think all I really was aware of wanting was to just feel better. I had no concept of what that felt like and didn't have the brain capacity to grasp how I have control over that. So, in addition to feeling better, I have gained so much insight into how to keep feeling better. Stuff that I already knew became so much clearer and actually understood on a deeper level of knowing.

    I’ve actually lost 2 lbs since the last time I weighed myself. That's a total of 12 lbs since starting this program. I’m so proud of myself for being at these family gatherings and not eating horribly. It is a part of my family's culture to eat nonstop when we get together. And not healthy protein and veggies either. I have been amazed at how I am able to drive 2 hours back home at midnight without being sleepy. I'm chalking it up to not consuming my usual wine, sugar, gluten routine.

    I'm so grateful for this program because it has given me back the ability to take charge and live my life. I was like Sleeping Beauty in a depression induced coma and now I'm awake. I don't think she woke up and everything was instantly perfect and peachy, but the point is that she woke up and started living again!

    Tammy, TN
    Tammy, TN

    I started this program mainly because I wanted to even out mood swings and be in a better mood more often and I can definitely say that as happened for me .I’m much more even with my moods and in a better mood more often.

    What I didn’t know would happen is that I’ve eliminated coffee and alcohol from my routine and it was easy! If you would have told me I’d be asked to eliminate sugar for 3 weeks, I would not have thought I could do that, but it truly was easy once I was taking all of my supplements. I’ve even been stuck in an airport and not wanted to go have a drink to kill time.

    I don’t use a scale anymore but judging from how clothes fit, etc I know I’ve lost weight and more impressive-did not gain any over the holidays. My sleep has improved and my energy is improving (even without caffeine) and I have a few more things to do for that. People don’t trigger me as much at work and I don’t take things personally anymore, which has made me more productive. I know I’ll keep up with these changes and new habits because I feel so much better

    Pete, CO
    Pete, CO
    CEO, Alpine Rescue Volunteer & Dad

    This program produced nothing that I expected but ultimately everything I was afraid to hope for. Things like cooking more,eating better, etc are all by-products of the profound shift in my understanding of who I am, where and how I fit in the world.
    The results are many:
    - A release of the need to produce outcomes all of the time.
    - I no longer look to outcomes to make me feel happy or a certain way. I am able to accept life as it flows.
    - I understand that I have a connection with everything and everyone in the universe, past, present and future.
    - I feel a love for and connection to people in my life that is very different. With the release of outcomes, I no longer feel a need to craft messages (lie) or tip toe around the truth. That honesty is transformative.
    - I learned to see my own and others actions as essentially driven from a combination of fear and or love. Identifying the fear, makes it a lot less scary and focusing on love is much more fulfilling.
    - Energy is now a huge part of my life and it probably ties to fear and love. Positive and negative. There is positive and negative energy flowing around us all the time from infinite sources. It's important to recognize it and either absorb it (positive) and deflect or manage the negative.
    - I feel more patient and relaxed as a result of the release of outcomes.
    - I find myself pursuing spiritual partnerships with others rather than just being friends, coworkers, spouse, etc. That is a connection that is so much more powerful, less controlling, less restricted. Everyone in my life feels more cherished to me.
    - Self diagnosis. By letting go of fear and getting in tune with my body I am able to better diagnose when I am struggling, why and what to do about it. You remember the change in my voice from a relaxing in my throat.
    - I've learned to trust my instincts more, even that they aren't just instincts. There is more to our being than just the 5 major senses,we as humans have all sorts of tools available to us. However, we don't use them often if we don't acknowledge them. Also, they aren't very effective if we don't exercise them with intentionality.
    - Contrary to conventional wisdom, actions are bupkiss. Intention is everything. Actions do result from intention, but even 'good'actions alone can be very corrupt.
    - There aren't necessarily right or wrong choices. There are choices born of an intention of love and those of fear. The only productive ones are born of love. Whether it is owning a Ferrari, traveling the world,living off the grid, in a palace, what can be done born of love or born of fear. The intention is what qualifies the choice. But, you've got to have the courage to be honest with yourself about it.
    - The food I put in my body has a lot to do not only with how I feel health wise, but even with how I see the world, my attitude and perspective. I've learned not to trust my anxious feelings or opinions when I've eaten sugar. Very dangerous for me. Honestly, I turn myself off when I eat sugar just like a person turns off driving after drinking.

    I'm most proud of embracing the program and really immersing myself in journaling and meditating about it. It would be easy to let other things get in the way and that did happen sometimes, but overall I feel like I really dove in. I also got to the point where I let the program lead me wherever it led. Sometimes that seemed scary or like I wasn't ready to live what I was learning, but I took my time and flowed through it as I was ready.It took me where I needed to go. I can't imagine that it is exactly the same for any two people.

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