The Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club

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This is a 21 Day supervised, group cleanse…..that means you’ll be supported by Leah Lund, the One Whole Health Coaches and a community of friends who are cleansing at the same time. Translation…you will have:

  • Confidence that you are cleansing safely.
  • Kindred spirits to connect with, vent to and learn from.
  • A sense of being “OK” with whatever the cleanse might bring for you-no rules.

Why Is It Sweet?

You will EAT foods that help you look younger, diminish cravings, spiral your energy upward’s and lose those last few stubborn pounds while crowding out some “so-called sweets that sour your moods!

Why Is It Sour?

You will THINK thoughts that help you own your power, be joyful, rise above your emotions and attract what you want for your life while crowding out sour thoughts of limitation and spinning your wheels!

Congratulations and we’ll see you in the journals!

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