At the heart of One Whole Health is the understanding and desire to fit your health and happiness into your schedule and environment.  With that said, sometimes you need to shake things up and go to a place where your daily responsibilities and triggers slip away.  To support you, we provide several types of retreat opportunities.

The Clear Path Retreat is an intimate women’s wellness retreat in Colorado.

You can also join One Whole Health throughout the World on an International Retreat.  Check back for International Retreat Information.  Previous retreats include Australia, South Africa and Bali.

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The Clear Path Retreat

Wooded RaysAre You Ready….
To Live the Energized and Vibrant Life You Have Always Imagined?

This retreat from One Whole Health is for women who are ready to remove obstacles from their path and propel forward in their personal and professional lives.  Let this serene setting be the catalyst for adjusting the course your life has taken.  Feel good on purpose!

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International Retreats

Coastline - Perth, Western AustraliaJoin One Whole Health throughout our world.  Check back for international retreat information.  Previous Retreats include Australia, South Africa and Bali.  

Contact us to bring One Whole Health to your Retreat Center or Country.





Rebels With A Cause Retreat

Feeling Good On PurposeA retreat for women to live their Joy, their Freedom and their Passion.  Take a taste of LIFE outside the lines, give yourself permission to PLAY with guilt-free self care, FEED your body, brain, heart and soul for ultimate renewal, try on new ways to FREE your energy flow including mindfulness, movement, breathing, song, dance, meditation and touch & energy therapy and connect with kindred spirits while uncovering your REAL self and your soul’s purpose.

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