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 Brain Food

Please Consult a Qualified Practitioner Before Taking Amino Acids. Certain Amino Acids Are Not Recommended If You Have Specific Conditions And Could Cause An Adverse Effect.







Grow Your Own Produce

Now You Can Grow Your Own Produce Right Outside Your Door Or Window – No Matter Where You Live or How Little Space You Have Available!



At One Whole Health, we believe all people have the right to nutrient dense, chemical free, fresh, affordable food. We are excited to introduce, The Tower Garden, a unique, vertical gardening system that makes growing produce at home easy, affordable and sustainable for our planet. This state of the art, vertical aeroponic growing system is now available in an at home version perfect for your rooftop, patio, balcony, terrace or just about any relatively sunny place outside.

The Tower Garden gives you more control of you and your family’s health by making it easy to grow nutritious, great-tasting vegetables and fruits at home. With this aeroponic gardening system, you nourish your plants with a mineral solution that is more nutrient dense than soil and eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides to control pest invasion. And it’s a smart choice, both environmentally and economically.


What Is Aeroponic Growing?

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. It is considered the next evolution of Hydroponics, which uses water as agrowing medium and essential minerals to sustain plant growth.

What’s Smart about The Tower Garden?

onewholehealthgarden4_150x202The Tower Garden can save you money on healthy food that is better-tasting and highly nutritious. Grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers…anything that doesn’t grow on a tree or underground. The Tower Garden pays for itself over time and allows you the flexibility to grow 20 or more varieties at the same time. The produce in The Tower Garden grows in as little as half the time of a conventional garden and you can enjoy multiple harvests from the same plant. You’ll never need to rely on the supply and demand of your supermarket or farmers market. Not only is The Tower Garden a better long-term value than store-bought produce, it also can cost less than investing in all the tools and products needed to cultivate a traditional garden at home.



What’s Green about The Tower Garden?

Aside from all the fresh, greens and veggies? The Tower Garden uses less than 10% of both the water and the land that are used in conventional and organic farming. This aeroponic vertical garden system cuts your carbon footprint by recycling natural resources, potentially reducing pesticide use and virtually eliminating the need to ship and store produce. Its vertical design reduces the need for space.

How Can Vertical Farming Help Our World?

The future of farming is going vertical. According to Dr. Dickson Despommier, author of “The Vertical Farm”, vertical farming will allow us to:

  • tg_150x170Grow food 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Protect plants and crops from unpredictable and harmful weather
  • Reuse water collected from the indoor environment
  • Provide jobs for local residents
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides
  • Drastically reduce the dependence on fossil fuels to transport and grow food
  • Prevent crop loss due to shipping or storage
  • Stop agricultural run off




What Are People Saying About Vertical Farming and The Tower Garden?

“The vertical farm is a world-changing innovation whose time has come. The Vertical Farm is the blueprint for securing the world’s food supply and at the same time solving one of the gravest environmental crises facing us today.” Sting
“I recommend that my clients eat real whole food. Many of them wonder where they can find these foods at an affordable price. My answer is “Right outside your door.” Leah Lund


Watch The Tower Garden Grow

Watch a Tower Garden Grow





Juice Plus

Girl w-veggies & JP+ cr(1)Good nutrition takes time and planning. For the days you come up short, bridge the gap between what you eat and what you’d like to eat (7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture-USDA) with clinically proven Juice Plus.  Hands down-this is the simplest, most effective way to bring good nutrition into your busy day.

Juice Plus is REAL, WHOLE FOOD concentrated into capsules or chews to make healthy eating convenient.  With over 20 gold standard research studies published in the leading medical, health and nutrition journals, Juice Plus is a sure thing for, delivering key antioxidant and phytonutrients to your body,  improving your immunity, reducing oxidative stress, protecting your DNA, reducing biomarkers of systemic inflammation and supporting cardiovascular wellness.  Read More…

Find out more about how kids can eat FREE on the Juice Plus Children’s Health Study.



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