An estimated 80% of people struggle to feel joyful and fulfilled with their life because of neurotransmitter deficiency?

The truth is, a well fed brain is the gateway to creating a
successful business, career, family, relationship and purpose driven life.

That is why I designed this program to address the missing link of neurotransmitter depletion. It's a missing link, not because it's a magic secret, but because you may never have heard of neurotransmitter deficiency and yet it's the cause of people struggling to feel joyful and fullfilled with their life. Brain Chemistry Depletion starts in your head, but it's NOT your imagination!

Brain Chemistry Depletion can feel like a lack of will power or positive thinking, but it's actually a physical function that can get "out of shape" just like a muscle.

This program is designed to help you get your brain back in shape so it can help you feel good on purpose and LIVE the life of your dream.

How does the Neuro Nutrition Customized Protocol Work?


As soon as you enroll, you will receive brain chemistry assessments and a health history form to complete.


Once complete, you will receive a customized neuro nutrition protocol to start.


Receive a 30-minute breakthrough coaching call designed to provide guidance and support on restoring your neurotransmitter levels.

Order Your Neuro Nutrition Customized Protocol - Only $197

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Want Extra Support? Upgrade to Quick Start and get:

A Customized Neuro Nutrition Protocol

Your plan includes specific details on the brand, type and dose of nutrient.

Private Coaching with Leah

Each month during the program you can book a private 15-minute call with Leah.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

These calls give you the opportunity to ask me anything and get live support. 

Online Journal Forum

The place to “practice” your new habits, connect with other Quick Start members and ask your Coaches questions.

Feel Good Action Steps

You will receive weekly lessons that include lifestyle recommendations and mindset exercises.

Training Videos

In these videos, you will learn how to implement your Neuro Nutrition Protocol.

Plus... As a BONUS

You will also receive a $997 Gift Certificate toward future coaching program purchases at One Whole Health.

You read that right! If you choose to continue working with us after you graduate from the Neuro Nutrition Quick Start Live Program, using this gift certificate with One Whole Health will be as if you received the entire Neuro Nutrition Quick Start program for free!

We offer that because we know this is the beginning of your Whole Health Elevation!!

Upgrade to a VIP Day with Leah!

You will receive everything above, plus a 3 hour 1-on-1 Virtual Zoom Call with Leah to do a LIVE Trial of your aminos.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Leah Lund, Neuro Nutrient Therapy Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader & perfectly flawed Human BEING. I appreciate the time you are taking to consider this program.

I’m passionate about growing awareness about neuro nutrition and a well fed brain, as a simple solution for anxiety, emotional eating, depression, low energy, insomnia, poor focus, overwhelm, burn out and more.

My passion in life is to help you feel good on purpose by engaging every aspect of your WHOLE SELF-physical well being, spiritual well being, nutritional well being, emotional well being and mental well being.

Want to know more...

Shanda, NE
Shanda, NE
Day Care Provider & Mom of 4

I was mostly just hoping to stabilize my emotions so that I didn't need to go on an antidepressant again. I had already read the Mood Cure and was convinced that aminos could be helpful but felt like I needed more one-on-one guidance. My only hesitation was money. What if I invested in the program and then it didn't work? Thankfully, that wasn't the case! I am a very frugal person, and I feel like I received an excellent return on the price of the program.

I felt like the program helped me make the decision to make a much needed job change. It helped me to consider my needs more and not just the needs of my family. The amino portion of the program helped me to stabilize my emotions so that I don't feel the need of an antidepressant in order to function well and move forward with the plans that I have for myself and my family. I have started eating more vegetables and less sugar and gluten. I feel like it's a lifestyle change that I can stick with. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy size after baby number four! I am sleeping much much better. I think that is probably the best blessing of all.

After just one month on the program, my husband commented on how much easier I am to get along with and how much better I am doing overall. That alone is probably the best proof of progress possible :) I am consuming significantly less sugar and caffeine. It feels great to finally realize how much havoc they were causing in my body. I felt like the aminos and the counseling helped me to stick with it long enough for new habits to form.

I would tell anyone thinking of doing this program to-Do it! It's so worth it. I am in such a better place than if I had just gone on another antidepressant because this comprehensive program has taken me to a place where I am no longer just surviving, but thriving, even though I am still under very distressing family related circumstances.

I plan to start counseling soon with a new counselor to continue learning how to release the sadness that I feel about my child’s special needs. The more I can release the fear of the future, the better equipped I will be in supporting her. I really wish that she wasn't going through this but I feel like this just is what is. I feel like I have enough peace now to stop wasting my energy fruitlessly trying to control outcomes. I want to use my energy wisely to move forward with whatever each day brings.

Leah, as I said on the phone, you have helped me immeasurably. I needed your feedback in order to be consistent with the aminos and take the amounts that my body needs. The program allowed me to rest in your expertise and follow your lead. You are thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable. You are made for what you do

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Upgrade to a VIP Day with Leah!

You will receive everything above, plus a 3 hour 1-on-1 Virtual Zoom Call with Leah to do a LIVE Trial of your aminos.

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