I say missing links not because it’s a magic secret, but because you may never have heard of neurotransmitter deficiency and yet 80% of people in the US are affected by this. Brain Chemistry Depletion (neurotransmitter deficiency) happens when your brain can’t make and store reserves of feel good chemicals and this leaves you feeling drained, down, unmotivated and overwhelmed. This missing link could be keeping your joy and fulfillment at arm’s length. It starts in your head, but it’s not in your imagination.

Hi! I’m Leah Lund, Creator of One Whole Health and it’s my mission to help you feel good on purpose through practical self care rituals, beginning with Neuro Nutrition. Neuro Nutrition means feeding your brain the nutrients it needs to begin making and storing these feel good chemicals again (or maybe better than it ever has). Whether you are completely burned out or you’re holding things together but feel like something’s got to give, I’m here to teach you how to feed your brain to feel healthy, happy, successful and satisfied and free yourself from anxiety, bad moods, cravings, emotional eating, depression, low energy, overwhelm, poor sleep, focus problems and much more.

I believe a well fed brain is a springboard to personal momentum and spiritual maturity. I want you to know that the way you’re feeling is not who you are-it’s your brain and it can be repaired. This is not about will power or positive thinking, it’s a physical function that can get “out of shape” just like a muscle. Once your brain is well fed and happy, you’ll be able to get yourself to do the things you’ve never been able to get yourself to do- like train your mind, quiet your thoughts and step into your biggest dreams and desires. I know because it happened to me!

Curious if Brain Chemistry Depletion is the missing link for YOU? Find out in 5 min or less!
Take our Self Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment.

Any individual score higher than 4 indicates Brain Chemistry Depletion and the higher number of higher scores indicates the greater depletion.

Listen In To Leah On The Reboot Your Brain Summit
Listen In To Leah On The Reboot Your Brain Summit
Learn how you can feed your brain for more health, happiness and success as you listen in on this interview with Leah Lund.

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