The Brain and Body Makeover

The Brain and Body Makeover is an on-line coaching program that helps you take charge of your moods, get yourself to do the things you want to do and feel like yourself again (or even better) by repairing your Brain Chemistry Depletion. This is the lowest investment Neuro Nutrition program we offer and is a TREMENDOUS value.

In The Brain and Body Makeover, we’ll teach you to use Neuro Nutrition to free yourself from anxiety, emotional eating, depression, low energy, sleep issues, poor focus, digestive issues, addictions, overwhelm, burn out and other effects of neurotransmitter deficiency that keep you from fully enjoying life. You’ll repair your brain chemistry to be happy, healthy, confident, successful and satisfied!

In this program, you will realize that it’s not you…it’s your brain! The Brain and Body Makeover helps you create a happy brain by using food and targeted nutrients (supplements) to restore production of feel good chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine and more. Our comprehensive coaching is delivered in a step-by-step process that teaches you to repair this brain chemistry function (and maintain it yourself in the future) and make dietary and lifestyle changes without will power (really). You’ll identify other conditions that might be bringing you down like thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone imbalance and Pyroluria, MTHFR gene mutation, unhappy gut and low iodine levels. Best yet, we teach you what to do about it. We don’t stop there! With Neuro Nutrition in place, we teach you to retrain your brain, quiet your thoughts and step into your biggest dreams and desires.

Unlike most on-line programs, you’ll have one on one attention, through our on-line journaling forum, customized nutrient repair plan and PRIVATE sessions with Leah Lund, Neuro Nutrition Therapy Specialist & Holistic Health Coach.



What Do One Whole Health Happy Brains Have To Say?

“I was having migraine headaches, had bad eating habits and felt low energy.

I didn’t really think I would see much improvement in the migraines, but I actually feel better all over! It’s funny how you fight with doctor’s and others for almost 30 years because you know there is something wrong, but they don’t believe you or don’t know how to help you. It amazes me of the improvement I have seen in just a few short weeks after 30 years of suffering with migraines!

I’m getting less cravings and understand them more. I am eating healthier and not even enjoying the not good for me food or coffee either! I was able to get over my coffee addition! Woohoo! More energy! Feeling happy! Bigger pants! Things I didn’t even know where a problem until I felt better…. I am so much more relaxed! I am better at dealing with stressful situations that used to drive me crazy, like traffic! My self esteem is much better! I’ve come to believe that it is possible to be healthy and be busy… I am getting better at finding ways to make it work as I know I will feel better if I do! I am more self confident which is something that strained my relationship. I would tell anyone considering The Brain Makeover that it works! It really helps specific issues, but also your overall health!”

Tammy, ON CAN
Business Owner & Building Automation Systems Technician

“I wanted to be more comfortable with food instead of always worried and obsessed about how I didn’t eat what I should have. I wanted to eat without guilt and shame and feel more comfortable in my body so that I naturally drop weight and reach a healthier place for myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far! So exciting, today I wore a skirt that has been too small and never worn. I felt so great when it fit this morning. I am planning for success by choosing to eat at home before I go outif I am so I don’t get tempted to eat out and make bad choices. I am enjoying cooking breakfast and shopping for fresh veggies. My skin is clearer, my hair is shinier (and I swear less grey is coming in) and my eyes are bluer!

People close to me can see a difference physically. I feel an inner peace that I have NEVER experienced without drugs or alcohol. I am confident I will reach my weight loss goal and fitness level. I crave salad with oil and vinegar. Wow!!I feel pretty again. My daughter and her boyfriend have jumped on the healthy eating wagon, and I started my period without any PMS! I didn’t even realize it was time for my cycle because I didn’t have any emotional stuff going on. That is HUGE. It just keeps getting better! This brain makeover is amazing and I am worth every penny I had to stretch to make this happen. It sounds hard to believe, even as I type it, but it is completely true. When I breathe in life I smile from the inside out!


Crystal, WA
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Specialist, Life Coach & Mom

I was feeling exhausted, overweight, confused about what to eat, irritable, stressed, hopeless. I was hoping to rid my insomnia, lose at least 10 lbs., have energy, think clearer, be less stressed. I had hesitations because I wasn’t sure I could make any significant progress with my symptoms or if I could even stick with the program and was hoping I didn’t throw money away.
After The Brain Makeover, I am less stressed. Some people continue to challenge me and I am learning to let go or figure out how to speak up. Life looks brighter and I am dealing with some issues in a more constructive way. I can rebound quicker than before the program. I’ve learned that food doesn’t have to rule my life and I don’t have to eat every time I feel hungry or think about food (although it is important to eat on a regular schedule to prevent drops in blood sugar). It’s hard to put into words but something is shifting inside me. Negative self-talk is fading slowly and I am learning to feel more comfortable in my life as it is. I have begun a conversation with my partner that needed to take place and was able to communicate in a clearer and more honest way.

This program works. When you nourish the brain, all kinds of good things can happen. It is worth the effort, time and money to feel better and be given good tools to help along the way back to good health and well-being. And Leah is a gem to work with; always so supportive, thoughtful and brilliant.

Carol, FL
Client Services Manager

I came to The Brain Makeover to feeling stronger and clearer emotionally. I cannot even begin to express how this program has shined light, hopefulness and inspiration where my experience has been so so difficult for a longer stretch that I’ve ever been through before.

I am totally blown away by everything Leah puts together to support people on their nutrition/life journey. The gratitude and shift I am already feeling is truly amazing. Somehow my energy is just really moving in response to this program. Finding Leah and the gift of this course is a precious God-Breeze.

Patricia, NY
Residential Counselor & Mom

I was very excited by my emotional state this AM. -I have an ongoing business situation that I have been very avoidant because I don’t want to be confrontational. This morning I woke up and calmly thought about my situation, which prompted me to make a phone call in a very calm and assertive manner where I got a commitment of a time to speak to the other person to reflect and discuss things so we were both looking forward in the same direction or discuss re-negotiating our current business relationship. I had no emotional response (nor is it an emotional matter) and I just felt so great afterwards! I think this food thing is doing something :).

Sherri, BC CAN
Program Evaluator & Mom

This is my third day of targeted nutrition and I can’t believe what a difference it is making in my day. Being distracted is exhausting. I feel truly focused and efficient and it is making me happy! And Sleep! I have not had multiple nights of sleep in many years.”

Cathy, NY
Health Coach & Mom

I have noticed I am not as sad anymore. I have been dealing with this break up for a while and I am finally starting to feel better. I noticed most that I cry less when I think about it and I feel more at peace with it.

Also I feel I had a upgrade this weekend. I used to live with this girl and we got into a huge fight at the end. I have hated her since. Every time I saw her I would feel so angry inside. This Saturday I saw her at a bar and she was playing in the band, but instead of being angry I was impressed. After I went up to her and told her that I thought she did an awesome job. That experience made me feel much better about our whole situation together. I no longer resent her. I used to hold grudges way to easy and this was a big step for me to be able to get over that. It made me feel a lot better and I was very surprised with myself. And I’ve cut out caffeine and am sleeping much better!

Megan, CO
Restaurant Manager & Full Time Student

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