One Whole Health Neuro Nutrient Therapy
Partner Programs
For Wellness Professionals and Coaches

One Whole Health invites you, the Wellness Professional or Coach to partner with us to bring Neuro Nutrient Therapy to your clients. We have several options for supporting your clients with what Julia Ross, Nutritional Repair Pioneer identifies as

“The Cause of All Addiction-Brain Neurotransmitter Deficiencies.”

Your Partner Options:

  1. Private Coaching Call.  For questions that can be covered in the scope of a single coaching session, we offer individual sessions for you, the Wellness Professional or Coach. Program investment $95 per 60 min.
Submit Payment through Pay Pal and you will be prompted to Schedule Your Session.
       2.   Rapid Results Neuro Nutrient Therapy.  Refer your client and keep them.  Offer a “Rapid Results” program as a value added addition to your coaching program. We will cover only the Neuro Nutrient Therapy with your client while you continue to coach them on all other areas. Program consists of 9 Rapid Results Sessions (30 min) with your client including three collaborative sessions (you & your client) to keep you the loop.
Program Investment $500 to be paid by the Wellness Professional or Coach.
Submit Payment through Pay Pal and you will be prompted to Schedule First Call
(remaining calls will be the following weeks on the same day of the week and time).
Please have client submit Brain Chemistry Assessment & Health History prior to the first call.
     3. Referral Rewards.Register with One Whole Health and receive referral fees when you send a client our way.Private Coaching: 10% of Program InvestmentThe Brain Makeover* $50
Weight To Live! $50
Feeling Good On Purpose $50
The Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club $10 (based on Program Investment of $85-no other discounts apply)*One Whole Health will provide a free webinar for your community at your request.
This webinar will explain the benefits of Neuro Nutrient Therapy and provide examples of the results possible.  Webinar will include description and registration for The Brain Makeover.
Contact Us To Register leah@onewholehealth.comProgram Details 

4. Your Private Program. When exploring Neuro Nutrient Therapy for your clients you may recognize that your brain chemistry could use support (this happens all the time.)

One Whole Health offers a 25% reduced program investment for your own, 12 week private coaching program.

Assess Your Brain Chemistry and Schedule a “Feeling Good On Purpose” Strategy Session to discuss your private program.


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