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Good health starts in your head-literally! Your program at One Whole Health begins with an assessment of neurotransmitter function. Before we ever suggest you think positive thoughts or eat the “right” foods, we will help you discover if brain chemical deficiency or hormone imbalance have been making it impossible for you to do so.  We create a nutritional repair plan (one that you can actually follow) to correct these imbalances so you can stop sabotaging your own efforts. Our plans never rely on will power.  Neuro Nutrient Therapy is the missing link for how to get yourself to do the things you want to do and feel the way you want to feel.


How Does It Work?

Your brain produces four types of neurotransmitters that insure you have mood resilience, meaning the ability to experience true emotions and then bring yourself back to emotional balance.  A well fed brain does not get “stuck” in a mood or produce a mood that is not based on an actual situation or trigger. You can think of it as four “gas tanks” in your brain. Each gas tank takes its own specific fuel and must be nourished properly to keep the tank full and your moods balanced.

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What Happens When Your Brain Is Well Fed?

When neurotransmitter levels are high (tanks are full), you will experience:

Emotional Stability Self Confidence Positive Outlook
Emotional Flexibility Sense of Humor Alertness
High Energy Mental Focus Drive
Enthusiasm Calmness Relaxation
Stress Tolerance Psychological and
Physical Pain Relief
Reward Loving Feeling Appropriate Numbness
Balanced Weight Good Sleep Freedom from Obsession & Addiction


What Kind of Problems Can Our Repair Plans Correct?

Portrait of beautiful woman leaned on the bench.Neurotransmitter deficiency has risen as a result of increased stress, artificial additives in our food, low calorie dieting, lack of exercise, low protein diets, genetics and reliance on processed sugar and carbohydrates.  The important thing to know is that even in the case of a genetic inheritance, these brain chemical imbalances are easily correctable. You are not destined to feel this way and it is not an inherent personality disorder that you have to learn to live with.


Your nutritional repair plan will include the foods and target nutrients (amino acids) that quickly and simply repair neurotransmitter deficiency, eliminating problems including:

Negativity Depression Weight Gain
Obesity Cravings for Sugar Starch & Alcohol
Winter Blues, SAD Worry & Anxiety Low Self Esteem & Guilt
Stress Tension Unable to Relax
Obsessive Thoughts
& Behaviors
Irritability & Rage Panic Attacks & Phobias
Hyper Activity ADD/ADHD Overwhelm
Sensitivity & Crying Addiction

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WHappy Businesswomanhere do Hormones Come into the Picture?
There are two thyroid hormones, 30+ adrenal hormones and three sex hormones that have a powerful effect on moods as well, capable of enhancing your neurotransmitter function.

Your plan may  include suggestions and professional referral for hormone balancing if appropriate.


What Do Clients Have To Say About Our Nutritional Repair Plans?


A Thank You to Nutritional Repair Pioneer…Julia Ross

Leah and Julia RossI have had the pleasure and good fortune to study with a true pioneer in the field of nutritional repair, Julia Ross.  Through the certification program at the Neuro Nutrient Therapy Institute in Mill Valley, CA, I have accelerated my knowledge in nutritional repair right along with the benefits and results our clients are able to enjoy.  I highly recommend that every client read Julia’s books in order to better understand their own brain chemistry.




Thank you, Julia and team for your irreplaceable work in helping people feel like themselves again.
~Leah Lund, Executive Health Coach

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