Feeling Good On Purpose-A Day Retreat


                                                Feeling Good On Purpose-A Day Retreat

You Inspire Everyone Around You
and This Day Retreat Is Designed To Help You Sustain Your Business Momentum
By Nourishing Your Personal Energy
Jan. 18 or 19 2013

     Join Leah Lund, top US Executive Health Coach
and Founder of One Whole Health
as you learn specific strategies for managing your energy instead of your time.


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What’s In It For You?

  • Thoughts: Put your thoughts to work for you instead of against you. Uncover the #1 thought that keeps you stuck in your career, life and health.
  • Moods: Learn tools to develop the emotional resilience to move forward regardless of external circumstances. Translation: find balance and peace no matter what is going on in your life.
  • Foods: Discover nutrition that helps you feel your best as quickly as possible.
  • Lifestyle: Get crystal clear about the areas of your life that are helping and hurting your energy, mood and overall health. Make choices and take action to create the life you desire-starting now!
  • Brain Chemistry: Take our assessment to determine if chemical or hormonal imbalance is the cause of your cravings, weight gain, stress, anxiety and/or addictions and schedule a no cost private session to discuss correcting the imbalance.

Learn a process to boost your energy, mood, balance and sleep while improving your ability to manage your stress and weight. Better yet-figure out how to do so on your busy schedule. Best yet-let go of relying on will power.


This is an intimate retreat for a select number of highly driven, accomplished women who are ready to put themselves and their dreams on the schedule. The intention of this retreat is to raise your expectation of how good you can feel and what you can experience in your life and meet that expectation!

You will leave the retreat with a Feel Good menu of holistic health practices that can easily be integrated into the busiest of schedules.  The result is increased energy, stamina, and emotional resilience.



Begin managing your energy instead of your time and as a result experience your greatest joy and success. (Not to mention find greater peace and happiness while keeping your eyelids open at your child’s Friday night dance recital).

You don’t have to choose between your work and your health. You can boost your energy, mood and health while achieving greater professional results.  You can create better balance and get more done at the same time. Create the life of your dreams by engaging your most powerful strategic advantage-YOUR OWN ENERGY. 

ATTN: If you are someone who “works best under pressure,” this retreat is especially for you.  You could be suffering from a brain chemical deficiency that has you looking for a crisis or last minute deadline to get you in gear.  You make it work for now, but eventually you may face adrenal fatigue and big time burn out.  The good news? This imbalance can easily be corrected.      



Your Investment Includes:                                

  • All group workshops, activities, exercises and materials through-out the day & 
  • A Copy of “Feeling Good On Purpose” A Simple Guide A Simple Guide to Balancing Your Energy, Weight, Mood & Life (Without Quitting Your Day Job)
  • *A Copy of the Amazon Best Selling E-book “Ready, Aim, Soar!” The Expert Insights System for Business Growth and Success in the 21st Century
  •  *Private Coaching Session after the retreat to support you in putting these practices to action
  • *Healthy Energy Boosting Lunch & Snacks

Total Investment: $250 US Credit Cards and Paypal accepted.

All retreat attendees will be automatically enrolled in a group journal course upon registering, so your trip to the wild side can begin immediately. Journal your hopes, dreams, challenges and ideas as you begin to refine your intention for your best life.
Begin feeling good on purpose!  You’ll be amazed how everything around you changes when you do.

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