Banner 6A well fed brain is is just the beginning, merely the springboard to your personal and professional momentum!

My passion in life is to help you feel good on purpose by engaging every aspect of your WHOLE SELF-physical well being, spiritual well being, nutritional well being, emotional well being and mental well being. In order to share my approach to well-being, I created One Whole Health, which offers you options to jump into THAT space in every way from free self guided journal experiences to retreats in beautiful Colorado and all over the world to deep transformational group and private on -line coaching programs.

The Intention for you? (and frankly myself)

  • KNOW that you are here to bring peace and joy to the world
  • KNOW that you are perfect…a perfectly flawed human BEING in just the right place at just the right time
  • Create FREEDOM from the seriousness of the mind
    LIVE an engaged life that makes you FEEL good

The point?

Love is THE universal energy. The more you connect, the more you feel it and the more your allow it- things begin to happen with ease.
Feeling good means living from Love. Do WHATEVER it takes to tap into THAT.
We’re here to support your love journey however that might me.

Contact us to explore the possibilities.


Good health starts in your head-literally! Your program at One Whole Health begins with an assessment of neurotransmitter function. Before we ever suggest you think positive thoughts or eat the “right” foods, we will help you discover if brain chemical deficiency or hormone imbalance have been making it impossible for you to do so.  We create a nutritional repair plan (one that you can actually follow) to correct these imbalances so you can stop your sabotaging your own efforts. Our plans never rely on will power.  Neuro Nutrition is the missing link for how to get yourself to do the things you want to do and feel the way you want to feel.

Please choose the assessment most closely related to your greatest health concern.  Feel free to complete all assessments.  You may be asked to complete additional assessments for us to gather all the information needed.

Mood-Brain Assessment

Weight Loss Assessment

Energy Boost Assessment

Thank you for trusting One Whole Health to support your wellness journey.

Be good to yourself and value your health!

Contact us to explore the possibilities.


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