Fan The Flame of Your Desire with the Creation Box

Fan The Flame of Your Desire with the Creation Box

Now is the ripe time to check in with your relationship with DESIRE.

How often do you allow yourself to think about your desires?

When you notice a desire, what do you do? Go with it for a bit or tell yourself you don’t have time or shouldn’t indulge yourself this way?

Maybe your relationship with your desires is one where you resist them or push them away with self-doubt?

You’ll struggle to align with your goals or feel satisfied with your accomplishments if you don’t first learn to allow and even fan the flame of your desires.

Desires are never wrong. Every desire…even if you only feel it for a moment…was put there by your Higher Power. 

If a desire exists, you are capable of creating it. End of story.

All it takes to create a desire is to attune to the energetic vibration of it, take action towards it and be willing to receive it from the Universe.

Here’s a Tool To Fan The Flame of Your Desire Called the Creation Box:

  1. Designate a small decorative box or jar as your Creation Box.
  2. Every time a nudge of Desire or idea crosses your mind, write it down on a slip of paper and place it in the box.
  3. Draw a slip every day or every week (depending on size of Desire) and “Go, Set Ready!” with Inspired Action.
    *If you don’t have a box, a notebook works too!!

A woman at our recent retreat started doing this and said this:

“I’m writing things that I can’t wait to do!”

Yas!!! That’s the point!!

Desire is the creative movement of the Divine itself expressing itself to you and through you. When you allow the feeling of Desire:

-you heal your relationship with yourself & Desire and
-you expand your trust of the Divine.

Because after all, you wouldn’t even exist if the Divine hadn’t desired you to be here.

In Service to Love & Creation,


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