Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Not long ago, I received an email from a follower that said…

I had always enjoyed learning from you, but more recently you started using different words, such as frequency, vibration, abundance, and quantum. Words that do not resonate with me. Would you have a blog in which you explain how your language changed and what you mean by these words? Who is the Source to whom you now refer? Thanks! 

More than ever before, it’s important to us to know what our teachers and guides believe. We are questioning who we follow more closely to make sure we are in alignment and I think that’s great! So today, I’ll be sharing my authentic, non-edited, non-filtered answers to these questions and a few more in hopes it helps each of you know me and what drives the work I do in the world.

I started this company, One Whole Health, in 2010.

Why did I name my company One Whole Health as opposed to something like Leah Lund Coaching?

There are a few meanings behind the name One Whole Health.

First, we ARE one WHOLE health! All living things are energy and we are all connected. Just as there is collective consciousness there is collective wellness! This means my health affects your health and vice versa. The path to healing our world is to nourish ourselves and return ourselves to wholeness.

Second, we are Body, Mind & Spirit. Wellness is an integrated state of the multi-dimensions of our being. Mental or emotional illness or unease can create physical illness. Physical illness or dis-ease can disrupt Spiritual wellness. The multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves cannot be separated or isolated. Nourishment of all the dimensions of ourselves is the only way to true well-being.

I was very clear from the beginning that this company was about way more that ME. It’s about us. The collective us, and I wanted a name that conveyed that and that could outlive the beautiful collection of molecules known as Leah Lund.


One of the first topics I taught in workshops and retreats back in 2010 was about the energy of love and fear. And one of my first online coaching programs I offered was “Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time” Obviously…I LOVE to teach about Energy!!! I’ve been teaching about it and coaching energy optimization ever since! Because we are Energy Beings!

What do I mean when I teach about Energy, Frequency & Vibration?

I’m referring to a physical, cellular and universal or spiritual entity when I speak to our Energy. On a science basis, the study of physics evolved when we moved beyond Newtonian physics-the study of solid matter to Quantum physics-the study of the energy produced by that matter, the study of the waves put out by the cells of our bodies. Every atom in our cells emits 1.4 V of invisible electricity and this electricity is moving…in fluid motion. Though we can’t see this wave, it emanates out from us and interacts with the field created by the entanglement of all the waves flowing from all things in our world. We can also call the quality (speed) of the movement of this energy a vibration or, to keep it simple…our vibe.

Our vibe not only influences the vibe of energy around us, it influences the protein in our cells which commands the cell behavior…whether that be “health” or “death.” Our thoughts stimulate emotions and our emotions ARE energy or a vibe and the Universal Laws apply to energy. The Law most often referred to is The Law of Attraction which dictates that our thoughts create, attract and manifest our experience. I think of EMOTION as the gauge or indicator of our vibration as

We attract what we FEEL

As with all Energy whether it be this cellular vibration or electricity running through your house, there are principles or law of energy such as:

-Like attracts like
-Energy never starts or stops, it simply changes form
-2 forms of energy cannot be in the same place at the same time
(ex. All things are one of the other….Love or Fear. Love and fear can’t exist at the same time in the same place)

In the programs I teach and, in my coaching, I help Beautiful Souls like you grow Emotional Capacity (and 5 other kinds of capacity) so that you can create and experience a life that is fulfilling to YOU. I define Emotional Capacity as the ability to FEEL emotions (not suppress or repress them) and RELEASE them (which is transforming that energy to a new form) and to act or behave independent of those emotions (respond vs react) so that you can create experiences in your life that are pleasing and expansive to you!

Last thing on Energy, because we are Body, Mind & Spirit, sometimes when I speak of Energy, I’m also referring to physical stamina…to feeling good on purpose…which we are meant to do! Some of my online courses or coaching programs emphasize physical energy more and others the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of Energy, but Energy (like us-we are Energy Beings) is ALL of these aspects and dimensions.


Who is the Source I refer to?

In my blogs, emails, Facebook Lives, and webinars I teach a variety of topics from physical health, emotional and mental well-being, spiritual purpose and connection, relationships, time management (which is energy management) wealth and much, much more. These things are all parts of our being and when integrated and vibrating at a high level, these multi-dimensions of our being are healthy and we are able to use our God given ability to CREATE.

This power to create comes from our Source. There are many terms for that One who created us and one of the terms is Source or Source Energy. You’ll also hear me use terms like Spirit, The Holy One, The Creator, God, Higher Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Love Consciousness, Love.
To me, the terms are interchangeable. Here’s a rapid-fire lists of MY beliefs about God and who we are. Understand that I create space for my followers and clients to use the terms they resonate with the most and for me…here we go…this is not a comprehensive list, but a good start in understanding

MY perspective:

-I believe in God
-I believe we came here in human form (with a body) to FEEL
-I believe we show our Devotion to God when we take good care of the physical body we’ve been given for this human journey (and when we feel better we can do more and be more)
-I believe we are created as Energy beings connected to God through frequency
-I believe our thoughts are energy that influence our frequency therefore influence our reality or life experience that we create
-I believe we serve our collective purpose when we let down our resistance and step out of Ego to allow the incomprehensive light that is God to move through us
-I believe we heal ourselves and the world when we learn to FEEL our emotions (energy) and release them
-I believe we are here to know, extend and BE the love (energy) that God is
-I believe we were created in God’s image…energy
-I believe we are all connected
I believe in the spiritual and scientific aspects of Energy…in fact, I geek out over the intersection!
-I believe everything in our world is energy
-I believe we can train our frequency to a high vibration which is stronger connection to Source
-I believe we are meant to be VIBRANT
-I believe all illness and dis-ease of our physical bodies stems from emotional and energetic blocks
-I believe we can hear God’s guidance in many ways including feeling
-I believe our Soul’s contract is to break free of our Ego stories which are thoughts that close off our Energy flow, separate us from God and cause an illusion in our life experience
-I believe we CHOOSE our reality
-I believe in clearing out all the distractions-thoughts, beliefs, low vibe emotions, physical limitation, etc.  that stand between us and Source. This is WHY my expertise includes resolving and releasing brain chemistry depletion, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, negative or self-defeating thoughts, worry or fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-destructive thoughts and behavior, unprocessed trauma including ancestral.


I’m known as The Brain Coach, so where does Brain come in?

The brain is the “command center” of our physical body. As brilliant and mysterious as the brain is, it also functions like a mechanism. It responds and sends out chemical messaging to the systems of our body based on the thoughts and feeling the mind inputs into the it. The brain is KEY in how we think, feel and operate our human body. In particular, restoring brain chemistry or neurotransmitter depletion has been LIFE CHANGING for me and for the thousands of people I’ve coached over the years. Good brain chemistry is not our purpose, it helps us fulfill our purpose.


Who Am I?

Professionally speaking, I’m a Brain & Capacity Coach, Energy Healer, Subconscious Mind Shifter, Hypnotherapist, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Holistic Health Coach and Laughter Yoga & Breathwork Leader and I use this training and background in Neuro Science, Neuro Nutrition, Energy Psychology and other techniques to help you feel joyful, self-assured and satisfied and find freedom from anxiety, overwhelm, food/body issues, depression, emotional eating, cravings, low energy, sleep issues, burn out, self-doubt, self-sabotage and spiritual malnutrition.

One Whole Health is my service to the world and to God and through the online courses, coaching programs and retreats we offer, I help you REBOOT your brain, REPROGRAM your subconscious mind and RETRAIN your frequency to RESTORE your natural design which is: Vibrant Health, Joy, Ease, Flow, Abundance, Freedom, Connection to God & Success in this 3D world. I’m here to support you in gaining CLARITY, CAPACITY and COURAGE to use your ability to create (given to you by God) to BE your true self and CREATE a life you love!!

In my core, I am an Unshakeable Believer of Possibility, and Ego Checker, a Child of God and a MAGNET to help you pull the stress, resistance and seriousness our of you and your life experience.

I’m here to help you EXPAND for the sake of expansion because you came here to FEEL and EXPAND.


My Personal Mission

My personal mission in life is to…

-BE and extend LOVE… because that’s God
-to ceaselessly unfold and expand in service to God
-to unconditionally love myself and support others in doing the same
-to see as much of God’s creation (this beautiful planet) as possible and encourage others to as well

I hope this helps you KNOW me.

And I hope this helps you KNOW and BE the Powerful Creator you are born to be!


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