The Best Water for Longevity

The Best Water for Longevity

Our human bodies are mainly water and the energy of our vibration influences and changes that water.

Have you ever looked at the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto? He did incredible work showing how our thoughts change the structure of water which means our thoughts change the structure of our physical body, because after all:

Our blood is 92% water
Our brain 75% water and
Our muscles are 75% water

WE are water!

As such, I’m often asked what kind of water is the best to DRINK, so I want share what I’ve personally been doing as part of my healing protocol for the bump and most importantly, for LONGEVITY. (Please know that I’m writing this for educational purposes and it’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)

Proper hydration is very important for:

-cleansing and nourishing cells
-removing metabolic waste and
-improving digestion

And our LONGEVITY depends on our body’s ability to do all of these things.

David Wolfe recently said, ”Detoxification is more important at the moment than nutrition when it comes to our longevity.”

And for myself personally, the gene Snps in my methylation pathway are a major contributor to the bump and to my body’s “autophagy opportunities” 

Water 101:

The water we drink should balance our pH (optimal is 7.36 or slightly alkaline) and most cancers and other disease thrive when the body is in an acidic state. Our acid-alkaline balance is influenced by food, water and even our state of mind. So, it becomes very helpful for longevity to drink water that is slightly alkaline in which chemicals have been filtered out and which is delivered via an in-home water filter or glass bottles to avoid the phthalates (inflammatory xenoestrogens) in plastic bottles. And most bottled water is acidic.

A Step Further: Hydrogen Enriched Water

Almost every biochemical reaction in our body requires hydrogen and most of us don’t have enough of it. Research shows that hydrogen water increases telomere length-the part of our chromosome that has to do with longevity. Hydrogen is also an antioxidant that decreases inflammation and improves metabolism.

Gerald Pollack, a researcher from the University of Washington proposed that water exists in our bodies in a 4th state of matter (as opposed to liquid, solid or gas) similar to a crystal structure and that hydrogen water creates conditions that help the body’s water attain this crystal structure thereby helping cells and organs function well while staying hydrated.

Hydrogen is also a selective antioxidant that bonds with cancer causing OH free radical molecules inside the  body and thereby converts these harmful molecules into your cells into hydrating ones.

So you get it . . . my water of choice is filtered water that is hydrogen enriched.

I’ve included a great resource (Synergy Science) where you can find Echo Hydrogen Water Machines and pitchers as well as the Near Infrared Sauna I use and even EMF protection devices.

They even make Hydrogen Drops you can add to your filtered water!  That’s what I use when I travel.

As with everything, start where you are. There are few absolute rights or wrongs in our world and this is true for water. Start where you are and go in stages. Every small upgrade in the quality of water you drink makes a difference.

Ex. If you are currently drinking tap water, upgrade to filtered water. If you are currently drinking bottled water, upgrade to glass containers or home filtered. If you are currently drinking alkaline water, upgrade to adding hydrogen.

Release the mind’s habit of thinking ALL or NOTHING when it comes to your water (and food and air and EMFS and health and life and love and EVERYTHING)

Small steps become giant leaps toward our longevity.


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