It’s Time To BE Radical

It’s Time To BE Radical

Have you noticed it?

Maybe you’ve been wondering why nothing seems to work out for you right now.

Why it feels like you are moving in slow motion.

Why it feels like you can’t count on anything and, if you are like most people, in the last 10 days to 2 weeks the energy coming at you has felt even heavier.

None of our routines can stay the same right now.

People around you may have shorter fuses and hot tempers and its become more and more difficult to please them or keep the peace, let alone say anything that isn’t met with criticism and contention.

It may feel like you can’t get anything done to completion and nothing you do is right or enough.

If you’re feeling this way, you are not alone. Nearly every person I talk to lately, friend, family, client or community member is feeling it and its enough to make you feel like you just don’t want to do anything anymore.

You’ve tried and tried to figure things out, but to no avail. You feel stalled and sick of living this way.

The reason you are feeling this way is that we are experiencing a combustion of frequencies going on in our world, energy coming from people, the planets and the entire universe that are making the electromagnetic field really active and intense. You might not want to hear this, but the uncertainty, fragmented energy and general unrest we’ve been experiencing is far from over.

In fact, we’re in the beginning stages of transcendence.

So when you are feeling sensitive to the world’s energy, overwhelmed or fearful and like your plans, dreams and desires need to remain on hold, there’s only one solution:

Harmonize your internal energy through energy practices and radical self-care.

The only way to ease the sensitivity and intensity of the energetic discord intensity (this is the lesson/opportunity in the collapse of the old paradigm) is to create energy independence, meaning manage your energy on the inside regardless of the energy in the external world.

Here are essential energy management practices for you in these times:

  • Ground yourself in your body and in God every morning before you engage with others. Do the same thing at night. Sit in solitude, prayer and listening for at least 30 min. Make MORE time for it if you can. Reconnect with God and your inner guidance system-a system available to you for all time.
  • Ask a Higher Power for support. Some people think we can only pray for “things” or “outcomes” and you can but you can also pray for qualities- ask for the courage, discernment, endurance, resilience.
  • Exercise regular practices for releasing or discharging energy. FEEL (don’t resist) the energy and then RELEASE. The release or discharge can look like crying, laughing, screaming, a somatic practice where you breathe it out or a visualization of the dark energy leaving your body. Do this often! Every 90 minutes or more!
  • Be easy with your time frames and expectations of yourself. Allow yourself to move slow and take longer with things. Stop rushing and pushing. Let your pace be OK-this is a great lesson of this awakening. (Soften your rigid expectations with others as well because this lightens YOUR energy)
  • Keep your physical body well hydrated, well-nourished and well-tuned. Food and water have a vibration, so along with circulating the dense energy coming from the outside make sure you’re not literally feeding yourself low, dense vibrations through food . . . There’s never been a more important time to avoid low, vibrating unhealthy food and beverages that can bring you down even further. Physical movement is also a way to discharge energy that is out of harmony.
  • Rest and sleep. These are two different things and we need both and we need MORE in these times.
  • FUN, playfulness and adventure-nourish yourself with SOUL nutrition each and every day. Let down your hair and your guard. Relax, be silly, lighten up. It’s a choice that you can make no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does.
  • This one’s for the Empath’s. It’s often recommended that Empaths visualize a shield protecting them from the energies of the world. The only problem with that is we can either be open to circulate energy or closed to ALL energy. This is why I recommend that instead you visualize yourself as the completely ethereal, transparent energy being that you are. See yourself as opaque-crystal clear-a light being that all energies can pass through without affecting you. Embody only the energy that serves you.

When you keep your energy in flow, you stay connected to Source and you become more buoyant amidst turbulence and uncertainty. These are energy harmonizing practices that you can start today and they are Radical self-care for radical times.

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