What Cancer & Covid Have In Common

What Cancer & Covid Have In Common

What do Cancer & COVID Have In Common?

Both are diseases of opportunity.

We can reduce our risk of contracting viruses and cancer by maintaining a strong immune system and optimizing what Dr. Tony (Hope 4 Cancer) calls the “terrain” in our body.

Here’s one thing we are learning about COVID that pertains to cancer as well:

The risk of contracting COVID (and viruses in general) is greater in bodies that have a low body temperature.

I’m one of those bodies (I run around 97.5 on average) and this is one of the genetic/terrain issues that I believe left me vulnerable to the bump.

Bodies that run at a temperature below 98.6 are move vulnerable to viruses and cancer and can benefit from HEAT THERAPY.

HEAT THERAPY was big part of my initial non-toxic cancer treatment both for improving my terrain and for actively treating the bump (when used with an activator) and I continue this therapy at home.

Here’s Some Common Forms of Heat Therapy:

1. Full Body Hyperthermia: This therapy systemically targets abnormal cells and pathogens by raising the temperature of the entire body. In Full Body Hyperthermia, you are placed in an insulated chamber that uses carbon-derived heat to elevate the body’s temperature…up to 101-104 degrees for about 45 min.

Yes-we affectionately called this the Pizza Oven.

2. Local Hyperthermia: This involves applying heat locally to areas of concern, like a tumor. Rather than creating a fever in the whole body, it heats up a specific area.

3. Near Infrared Sauna Therapy: These saunas use physiologically relevant wavelengths of light that resonate with the body’s natural energy for a superior detoxification of the body’s terrain.

4. Near Infrared Lamps: Uses the same type of technology as the sauna but in a localized way.

Benefits of Hyperthermia Include:

-Creates a heightened immune system.
-Increases tissue oxidation and detoxification.
-Increases energy and promotes cellular repair
-Restricts tumor blood flow thereby depriving tumors of nutrition and causes tumor cell breakdown (for those with cancer)

Benefits of Near Infrared Light Therapy:

-Reduces the body’s pathogenic lad, by killing infection causing bacteria and viruses
-Helps to eliminate cancer-causing chemical toxins such as heavy metals via perspiration
-May relieve pain and improve blood flow
-Stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation

Heat therapy and light therapy are two very effective tools for prevention and healing, especially when it comes to diseases that thrive in the cold.

These technologies are available for in home use and are technologies that work with the very frequency of our bodies to help create a healthy, disease resistant terrain.

We each must take responsibility for our own health and the terrain of our body.

This is one thing you CAN do for prevention and longevity.

*Benefits listed are based on Hope for Cancer by Dr. Antonio Jimenez MD ND

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