Which Default Mode Did You Learn as a Child?

Which Default Mode Did You Learn as a Child?

This affects everything.

There’s a special time in your childhood development when you learn to trust your heart and another when you learn to use your head.

Then there’s the powerful time when you learn to attune the two.

When you integrate well, you grow the capacity to move through life
pivoting between the two based on the situation. Integration hones
important life skills including decision making, problem solving,
self-discipline, self-confidence and good communication with others.

Maybe this imprinting was interrupted in your life by things like trauma, generational coding or a lack of adults modeling integration-and this includes loving parents who didn’t learn to integrate themselves.

As a result, you may be moving through life in one extreme or the
-unable to manage your emotions
-disconnected from your heart completely

If you’re dominated by your HEAD, you’re likely very accomplished
in many areas of your life.
-Successful in your career
-The one who gets stuff done
-The Mom who gives her children every advantage to be successful in life

Yet living from your head means there’s only one solution to life’s
PUSH harder
WORK harder

All that DOING can have detrimental physical effects including adrenal
burn-out and neurotransmitter depletion. But there’s something even

A HEAD based on doing, doing, doing default mode is a recipe for an unfulfilled life because you never prioritize what your heart really wants.

You can wake up at a certain stage of life when your family doesn’t need you to DO as much and feel . . .
Disenchanted and lonely.

In The Vibrant Woman, I support you in re-engaging your heart.

When you join us, you’ll use our 5 Step Method to restore your adrenals and other body systems and to reboot your brain chemistry.

>>>More Important: You’ll also learn self-care skills that go WAY beyond the physical.

You’ll grow the CLARITY to know what you really want.

The Emotional CAPACITY to handle life’s challenges without getting derailed.

And the COURAGE to pursue your heart’s desires.

Time is running out to join The Vibrant Woman 2020.

If you’ve been running on HEAD default mode for too long and you’re ready to make some space for YOU in your life, tell me more HERE and we’ll jump on the phone to see if The Vibrant Woman 2020 is a fit for you.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are meant to feel good,


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