Make Peace with Urgency

Make Peace with Urgency

For many years just the sound of the word urgency sent me into a panic!

When someone said urgency, my mind heard “pressure, burden, opportunity to fail.”

I speak with women every week who literally freeze at the thought of making a decision or taking action and who are stuck in feeling like they are behind.

If you relate, here’s what you need to know:

Not taking action or making decisions actually disturbs your peace more than urgency.

When you hesitate and procrastinate, it means your mind holds on to thoughts and it’s these thoughts that build up into pressure. Urgency is really the “act” of being in the present moment vs ruminating and over-thinking.

I cut a quick training on how to make peace with urgency and you can watch it NOW here.


Urgency is actually the same as mindfulness.

It’s being in the moment, not thinking about anything else and taking action.

Here’s to your peace,

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