I Was Cheerleading on the Side of the Interstate

I Was Cheerleading on the Side of the Interstate

I mean this literally.

Yesterday morning, all was going well on our trek from Colorado to California.

In fact, I was feeling so good as I left a voice message for some soul sisters I’m collaborating with on a project (What’s App . . . headset on I promise), when . . . suddenly things shifted.

Just as the words…

“It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining off the red rocks here in Utah and there’s nothing but spaciousness all around me. Have a blessed day!”

Rolled off my lips . . . 


On the RV.

Top of a cold mountain pass.

No phone reception.

Barely any cars passing by.

This could have been a disaster, but I’m married to the most prepared man in the world. Of course, he had a spare and a plan. I jumped out of my Jeep to help him where I could and while he was doing his thing, I did something COMPLETELY on impulse . . .no premeditation or censoring involved.

I started doing a cheer.

You know the kind where you spell out letters with your body.


Gooooooooo, Kirk!

Complete with Herky jump and all!!

We both cracked up and were giggling alongside of the highway.

I hope this gives you a giggle today too, but my point in sharing this story with you is that I acted from an IMPULSE without overthinking or being self-conscious.

I was so open, so relaxed, so in pure flow . . . it just came out.

When women come to our retreats, this is something we practice . . .

Acting spontaneously. Voicing your SELF-LOVING impulses.

I find time and time again . . . ladies . . . we are out of practice on expressing ourselves.

But . . . listen in . . .

Your preference matters.

Your opinion matters.

Your impulses matter.

Because YOU matter.

So BE YOU today. Don’t diminish yourself or hold back your playfulness.

Say what’s on your mind. Speak your opinions. Ask for what you want or prefer.


You’ll feel free and you’ll bring more joy to yourself and those around you.

Have fun today!

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