I Could Be Myself for the First Time in My Life

I Could Be Myself for the First Time in My Life

This will warm your heart as much as it did mine.

A couple weeks ago, some members of our Vibrant Woman program met for their private retreat and after a soul-filled weekend of self-expansion, one member put it this way . .

“I was able to be myself all weekend! This is the first time in my life I could turn off my mind and relax. I felt so comfortable, so safe and like I could do or say anything because it was OK to just be me!”

I know just how good that feels because for decades I held back on showing the real me out of fear.

Fear of:

  • not knowing enough
  • not being thin or pretty enough
  • not fitting in
  • not coming from a wealthy family
  • not being as capable as others
  • not being able to handle if I took a risk and things didn’t turn out

I could go on . . . but basically, you name it – I feared it.

I didn’t think HOW or WHO I was enough.

I frantically worked and worked to get all the details of my life to look perfect on the outside . . . 

Hoping that would give me a feeling of contentment with myself on the inside.

It took a long time, but I finally surrendered to just being ME and then I felt a freedom like I’d never felt before.

So today, I want to ask YOU . . . 
What is the one thing you need right now to feel FREE?
What would it take to finally be yourself and be happy with you and your life AS IS?

Reply in the comments with your answer.
Do it for you because the minute you say it, your brain starts tracking for it!

Life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are meant to feel good.

Shine in Boulder

PS. Here I am with a few Vibrant Woman members at Shine in Boulder CELEBRATING who we are because who we are is FANTASTIC!!

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