Biggest Test of My Beliefs-Ever

Biggest Test of My Beliefs-Ever

It’s time for me to share this, friends.

But I’m going to ask that you release all fear as you read it – no worry energy in the field, please.

At the end of June, I led an incredible retreat for a group of our Vibrant Women and stayed overnight in Boulder to make an appointment to ultrasound a lump in my breast that I’d been monitoring. During that appointment, the Radiologist insisted on a biopsy.

I was pretty numb on the 5-hour drive home because the Radiologist was convinced. Yet, I knew not to worry about something that hadn’t happened yet – I refused to think the worst.

Two days later . . .

I heard the news no one wants to hear.

It was breast cancer.

My first reaction was disappointment in myself. I do a lot of healthy things for my body, but somehow, I had still failed it. I began analyzing every little thing I could have done better…the places I’d fallen a little off track, the places I’d gone off the rails, the good habits I’m religious about that should have prevented this.

My second reaction was fear . . . fear that I’d disappoint all of you.

The disappointment (and shock, I’m sure) lasted about 24 hours and then I went into action mode.

The first thing I did?

I pulled out Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I hadn’t looked at this book in probably 10 years and “coincidentally” it was on the top of one of the many boxes of books I have in storage.

I read:

“To heal you must clear the mental pattern that created the cancer.”

That was the start of making alternative plans. You see, I’d always said that if I ever got cancer, I would not go the route of toxic treatment…at least not as a first step. Deep inside, I also knew if I ever got cancer, that belief would be MAJORLY tested.

The day after I heard the diagnosis, I wrote in my journal,

“Yesterday it was confirmed that I’ve been living out of alignment and now I get to have the splendid experience of adjusting.”

The Radiologist concurred that these cells were not fast moving which gave me time to lead the next retreat AND to get my facts . . . and my beliefs . . .  in order. Within a week, I knew what I was going to do. I cancelled the surgery and the inevitable radiation the MD was recommending.

Instead, I arranged to go to a cutting-edge clinic in Mexico that is getting far better results using non-toxic treatments. In late August, I checked in and spent 3 solid weeks doing treatments from 7AM-3 PM, 6 days a week.

I’m SO HAPPY to say that within THREE WEEKS:

– the tumor had diminished slightly (they didn’t expect that so soon)
– the blood flow to the tumor was cut off
– the tumor markers were way down
– the immune system markers, which had been very stressed, were greatly improved

Now that I’m back home, I have a rigid schedule of on-going therapies and treatments…for the next year. This includes regular blood tests and 2 return visits to Mexico. I’m not done yet, but I can feel this lump getting smaller every day—for real! 

I’m sharing all of this as encouragement for you to BELIEVE in prevention habits and as encouragement for anyone who has cancer of any kind. There is HOPE.

Cancer is a collective wellness issue because:

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime.

Though my initial instinct was to keep this experience to a close group of friends/family that I knew would not get into fear-based thinking, I’ve now received the guidance that I’m meant to share what I’ve learned about prevention and about treatment options. It’s too important not to!


Everyone’s journey with cancer is unique and this is what’s true for me:

We can choose our beliefs and yet faith is something more. It turns out, I fully BELIEVE in the treatment approach I’ve chosen and . . . I also have FAITH . . . 

-in God
-in the human body’s ability to heal
-in my own intuition
-in my own ability to rewrite subconscious mental patterns

In a couple days, I’ll be leading a free Masterclass where I’ll share what I’m doing, what I’ve learned, what I wish I’d paid more attention to . . . and . . . how I’m clearing the mental patterns of disease. Hint hint . . . my disappointment reaction was an indication of some of those self-defeating mental patterns.

I hope you’ll join me (sign up for our newsletter to be notified) and even if you don’t, I hope you’ll have faith with me.

And please take great care of your immune system. Our bodies make cancer cells every day and our immune system makes all the difference.

In devotion to your wellness,

PS. I’ll be sharing details about the clinic I went to. Everything about the place was fearless, faithful, loving and healing. Including the view 🙂

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