You’ll Never Find Balance Without This

You’ll Never Find Balance Without This

Last week the women in our Vibrant Woman group learned a powerful exercise for trusting their gut. The interesting thing was, for most of them it was a struggle.

One member put it this way,

“I’m struggling with balance in my life.
Decision making and trusting my gut is also where I have difficulty”

As a woman, you can probably relate to their struggle.
You know you can make a difference in the world and have a bigger dream . . .
But your job, your family and your “responsibilities” always come first.
You’re ambitious! Running at warp speed but still don’t seem to get ahead.
There doesn’t seem to be enough time for anything else.

Here’s the problem with your thinking:
You think it’s an either/or because you don’t know how to “find” the time.

I’m here to tell you its not an either/or.
IF you learn to how align your time with your priorities and practice these very important techniques for time management you can be there for your family and responsibilities AND start prioritizing yourself and your dreams.

Here’s a training I just recorded on this very subject. In addition to the techniques, you’ll learn the one thing that is ABSOLUTELY necessary for finding balance in life (and something better than balance).

Listen in now and give our channel a “like” to see more trainings like this!


With love,

PS – Will you do me a favor? I want to know if trainings like this are helpful for you so after you listen to the video, PLEASE comment and share what you liked the most about it and if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about this topic so I know what to teach that would help. Thank you!!

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