It Hit Me like a Ton of Bricks and I Had to Do It

It Hit Me like a Ton of Bricks and I Had to Do It

Last week I had what I KNOW was DIVINE intervention.

I know that because all of a sudden, there seemed to be “coincidences” happening left and right.

For a while, I’d been feeling that something was missing or out of alignment.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been up to some really cool stuff this past year . . . but I was also starting to feel a disconnect.

Then at the retreat for The Vibrant Woman members, I drew a card.

It said “Retreat

My interpretation could have been “Wow! I’m hosting a retreat – what a coincidence.”

But I knew with my gut the deeper meaning this card revealed was,
to pull back may be the best way to move forward.

I took it in and went about my mind’s plans.

Then last week, I drew another card and it guided
“the presence of God is everywhere, so if you feel disconnected from the Divine, you’re the one who left. Your Nature Spirits are beckoning you back to a place of awareness that reconnects you to your source.”

In the moment I drew that card, I knew 2 things . . .

  1. I’d been ignoring my GUT brain
  2. I was canceling a trip to a WONDERFUL event that I’d planned for the weekend.

I CHOSE to follow the guidance of that card and spent the weekend with God in our creation:


Here’s what I realized about why I’d been feeling disconnected:

We all have at least THREE brains and I’d only been listening to ONE.

I had to share because If you are feeling RESTLESS, OVERWHELMED or ANXIOUS the same is likely true for you.

I shared more about our 3 Brains in last week’s Feel Good Friday.

You can access this video and many others on our Facebook Page at:

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In this training, I give you steps to take to engage ALL of your brains, because when you do, you will truly live your highest expression of authenticity.

And that . . . FEELS GOOD!!!

With love,

Using ALL Your Brains

I wasn't using ALL my brains!!!Feel Good Friday

Posted by Leah Lund-The Brain Coach on Friday, October 5, 2018


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