Is This Weighing down Your Brain?

Is This Weighing down Your Brain?

Do you ever hold back from saying what you really think or from getting involved in an effort to “keep the peace” in your family, your relationship or your workplace?

Women are natural born peace makers but at what cost?

Consider this quote from Cheryl Richardson:

“If you avoid conflict to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself”

I’ve seen it over and over in the years I’ve been coaching women…
Unexpressed thoughts, unfilled dreams and resignation to other people’s expectations result in emotions stored in the body and in the brain. These emotions often manifest into weight gain, dis-ease, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, addiction and self-hatred.

Is this happening to you?

It’s easy to overlook these things and tell yourself “That’s not why I don’t feel good. It must be something else.”

One of the ways you might be keeping the peace is by wearing politically correct, socially acceptable HATS and MASKS.

You can detox these stuffed emotions and when you do, you’ll also detox the stress from your brain.

Here’s a strategy the women in our Vibrant Woman tribe are practicing.
Give it a try and comment on what you like best about it.
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Here’s the strategy:  


Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to feel good,

With love,

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