You Are Not Your Results

You Are Not Your Results

Nothing is more draining than when you are trying so hard to reach a goal and still not getting the result you expect. I hear this from the women in our community all the time

“I’m doing all the right things and nothing seems to work.”

This can make you feel frustrated, exhausted and hopeless, whether you are trying to:

-lose weight
-find a new love relationship
-get your children to listen to you
-stop arguing with your spouse
-manifest abundance
-advance in your career

And it’s especially difficult when what you are REALLY trying to do is just be happy with your life.

I know exactly what it’s like.
I spent years trying to be skinny enough, pretty enough and smart enough.
I swam in the tidal wave of perfectionism trying to muscle my way into expectations and results that were usually not even mine-they were the expectations of other people.
(And I hid it all behind really cool clothes, make up and even blond hair for a while lol!)

And when I wasn’t able to achieve the result, I spent my time HIDING my imperfections.
I thought it I worker even harder and pleased more people no one would see what a failure I was.

I hit a point where I walked away from both my career and my 13-year relationship because I thought each was demanding too much from me and I was never going to be enough.

It was during this downward spiral that I learned one of the most important lessons I ever could.
My unhappiness wasn’t coming from whether or not I achieved a result.
And it wasn’t coming from what other people thought about me.
It was coming from what I thought it meant that I wasn’t achieving the results.

Its taken years of practice and reaching out for support to make this lesson a way of living for me.

I recently recorded a training on how to get out of that spiral and you can listen in right here:


This is also why I created The Vibrant Woman.

To help other women out of perfectionism and people pleasing and into their unstoppable flow.
All women are born to be vibrant.
We are part physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and when you learn to engage all of those aspects of you and focus yourself on what you do and HOW you do it versus result……happiness blooms from within. This is what I help you do in The Vibrant Woman.

The Vibrant Woman is not a health program with a specific end goal in mind where you focus only on the result.

The Vibrant Woman is an experience with the perfect blend of coaching, training, community and accountability where you learn steps to fully engage all aspects of yourself to achieve any goal you set for yourself BY BEING HAPPY FIRST.

If you are ready to stop the cycle of thinking you ARE your results and generate happiness from the inside out,
I’ve carved out some time on my calendar this week to talk to you.
Click here to book a no-strings attached call with me this week.
Spaces are first come first serve

There’s a Vibrant Woman inside of you that is so much bigger than any one results and it’s her time to SHINE!

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