This practice can heal all

This practice can heal all

One of (if not THE) most damaging habits to your brain, body and spirit is the habit of resistant thoughts. Resistance shows up in many ways: indecision, numbing, stuffing emotions, tolerating, procrastinate, avoidance, trying to control, looking at outcome, self- doubt, hiding, searching, resentment, worry, not trying, guilt, uneasiness, uncertainty, stress.

Are you feeling any of these things right now?

Resistance is any form of not allowing WHAT IS. (which is different from condoning) The danger of resistance it that it shuts down your energy flow and affects everything from what you attract to LITERALLY how well your cells can absorb nutrition.

Example – This week I was coaching a client on a situation with her husband.

She’d finally expressed how upset it made her that her husband raises his voice and doesn’t listen to her.  She shared that it makes her sad.

His response: He was mad at her for feeling that way.

She shut down- stuck in the grip of resistance and it was affecting her mood, her energy and her happiness.

I taught my client a 3 step process for letting go of resistance.

These 3 steps are an act of SELF LOVE.

This practice is so powerful I shared it on Feel Good Friday and you can learn this self love practice too in the video below.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to feel good!

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