Program Your Brain for Endurance (This Works!!)

Program Your Brain for Endurance (This Works!!)

It’s taken me until Wednesday to fully rebound from my Endurance Challenge last weekend and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

This challenge AND the following days have taught me that success in everything in life comes down to your ENDURANCE mindset.

This physical challenge required me to “program” my BRAIN for success with a message of endurance. I made this video to teach you exactly how I did it and how you can do that too.

Click here to watch 

What does endurance mean & why do you want it?

Endurance isn’t only about physical activity or outdoor adventure.

Endurance is the power to endure a difficult process or situation without giving up.

That means reaching your dreams no matter what!

Listen to this video RIGHT NOW because EVERY time you give up or let something get in the way, you create a ripple effect in your cellular memory that makes it MORE likely you will give up the next time.

That’s not a muscle you want to build.

It might surprise you that the hardest part of my challenge was not giving up during my Monday after! I share about that too! In our women’s coaching program this week we talked about all the endurance challenges women face every day and the women in our tribe saw clearly that PARENTING is the most challenging endurance sport of all! This video is important for EVERYONE so listen in now.

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