Nothing is wrong

Nothing is wrong

…unless you think it is.

Sometimes you think something is wrong with your life-
like something shouldn’t have happened or that you have missed something
along the way or you’re not where you should be in life.

It feels like a mistake has been made or that there is something you need to fix.

It feels like you need to change something or that something shouldn’t be happening.

Deep down you might be thinking something is actually wrong with you.

Research shows 95% of all illness is either caused by or worsened by stress

And thinking something is wrong creates stress.

I recently coached the women in our Whole Health Mastery on how to think everything is Ok
and it immediately resulted in major breakthroughs, so I put together a training video to give you some of the same strategies.

Here’s 3 exercises to help you stop thinking something is wrong:

Exercise #1:

Grab your journal and answer these questions:

  • What has happened already today that you’ve thought wasn’t supposed to happen?
  • Who has done something today that had you thinking “they shouldn’t have done that”?
  • What have you done (or not done) that caused you to think “I shouldn’t have_____”

These are examples of you thinking something is wrong.
Add up how much time you’ve already spent on thoughts like this today.
What could you have done with that time?

Exercise #2:

Rewrite the statements from Exercise #1 as fact and then add it’s ok to the end of the statement.

Exercise #3:

Write down something that frustrated you today.
What went wrong in that situation?
Rewrite the thought. What actually went RIGHT in that situation?

You are exactly where you are meant to be and nothing is wrong . . .

Unless you choose to think it is.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to feel good!

With love,

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