Manage Your Time & Technology To Help Your Brain

Manage Your Time & Technology To Help Your Brain

Have you promised yourself that you will be better at self care this year?

Has your busy schedule already thrown a wrench into those plans?

It can be easy for the busy-ness of life to feel more urgent than your work out, your meditation or time with your family and friends.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This week on our Breathe Break for Your Brain, I taught 4 specific time management strategies that help your brain be clear and focused AND help you make time for the things that are most important for you.

The brain functions effortlessly when it has a routine to follow. When it knows what to do.

Although changing things up can grow your brain, doing so requires effect. Therefore, I recommend change be intentional and be for your own enjoyment!

For everything else, it’s good to create patterns that the brain can easily track.

Top 3 Strategies for Brain Friendly Time Management:

  1. Daily Habits. Some things don’t need to be a “To-Do” because you intend to practice them daily. Make a list of the things you want to do daily no matter what and include Morning and Evening Routines, Health Habits, Work Habits and FUN Habits. Use a 30 day checklist to practice these habits into auto-pilot. Ex. Take Supplements in the AM.
  2. Standing Appointments. Notice the important projects that always seem to slip through the cracks. These are more temporary priorities than your daily habits but for the next month or two are a priority. Schedule an appointment for these items on your calendar and set the occurrence daily or weekly. Ex. Call on new business propects.
  3. Time Blocks. In reality the day comes down to about four 90 min time blocks. One in the AM before work. One in the AM at work. One in the PM at work. One in the Evening at home. Choose a single priority each day for each time block and do that first. Any left over time is to power through smaller tasks. Ex. Am Before Work-Sunrise ritual with Meditation. Most Important Priority.


The nature of our information age is that your brain is bombarded with information 24/7.
This can cause overwhelm and trigger the stress response. YOU are in charge of your life and you can help your brain by designating specific times of day to check email and social media.
Choose a 15-20 time period in the morning, afternoon and evening to reply, post and comment.
Then set tech communication aside.
Train your friends and co-workers to not expect an instant response.
Free your brain from EMFs by turning your phone to airplane mode or OFF when you get home in the evening. Enjoy REAL LIFE instead!
This will help you avoid a technology induced brain break down!

With love,

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