Do You Give to Get with Your Body?

Do You Give to Get with Your Body?

Have you ever been in a relationship where every time the other person “gave” you something, you KNEW it was because they wanted something from you in return?

How did that make you feel?
Did you trust that person?
Probably not because that is a form of conditional love.

Rules and regulations have a tendency of tightening us up.

Conditional love makes us feel tense because at a basic level all thoughts and actions are either open or closed.

Love or Fear.

Lack or Abundance.

Conditional love feels so bad because it’s closed and based in seeing lack . . . based in fear.

Your relationship with your body isn’t any different.

In our Brain & Body Makeover, we do a three week sugar detox where the women in our tribe choose to eliminate foods that sabotage their weight, mood and energy.

They get to create their detox and the recommendations are to eliminate sugar and white flour products, caffeine and alcohol and artificial additives, dyes, hormones and antibiotics.

They also commit to HIIT to help clear out the toxins.

Maybe you’ve set an intention around clean eating or exercise at the start of the year too?

It sounds like a very loving thing to do for you body, but here’s the catch . . . it’s only loving if you are giving to give to your body NOT giving to get something from your body.

If you are starting the year out on a clean eating plan or an exercise routine, ask yourself WHY you are doing this. If you are doing this for the short term to lose weight or heal an illness and have every intention of going back to your old ways . . . you conditionally love your body.

You’re not doing it FOR your body, you are doing for what you think you’re going to GET FROM your body.

So why would your body trust you?

Your body will not cooperate with you any more than you like to give in to the person who always wants something from you and doesn’t really care about you.

So our three week sugar detox isn’t really a short term diet. It’s a way of easing your way into healthy eating for all the RIGHT reasons which means you are much more likely to see results and sustain them.

Start to practice this kind of self love toward your body and see what happens to the relationship.

With love,

PS – Giving up things like sugar, caffeine and alcohol isn’t easy because they are sooooo addictive! Sugar is 4x as addictive as cocaine! If you’ve tried to give to your body but struggle with cravings, then your brain chemistry is depleted. That’s the first piece we address in The Brain & Body Makeover. Doors are closing soon, so take this
Self Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment now to see if your brain chemistry is hi-jacking your relationship with your body.

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