Are You a New Human?

Are You a New Human?

I was thinking of you today.

My wish for you is to enjoy life and feel good doing it. 

To me, that’s what this entire human journey is for.

The ego mind tries to keep you in fear.

Fear blocks your purpose.

You feel best when your body and brain are fit and when everything you do is aligned with your true and most powerful purpose.

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I wrote the message below for my AwakeningGiants TV program.

I hope it lights a path for you….a path to YOUR purpose.

A path to a fulfilling life.

A path to feeling ALIVE.

Here it is:

In the very center of the energy continuum, the new human energy is emerging.
This energy is a beautiful dance between the feminine and masculine energy that exists in each one of us and in our world.
The new human understands feminine and masculine are two halves of a perfect whole.
The new human knows we are one.

The new human energy is a way of being not something to strive for.
It is not measured by action or accomplishment.
The new human energy is an awakening to who we really are.
This energy is the greatest form of energy-a giant energy. 

This way of being sees the ego mind’s thoughts for they are-illusions- and knows the true essence of the human being is so much more. 

This new human energy looks not to fix or correct anything or anyone, but rather to uplift ALL so they may return to their highest, pure, true self.

The new human sees themselves in others and practices acceptance over judgment.

The new human releases attachment to situations and beliefs and

uses each moment as an opportunity to call forward and inspire themselves and others.

The new human energy rises above fear, resistance and need to be right. 

The new human softens what has become rigid and provides support

for directionless energy by serving as a cauldron for cohesive, collaborative flow.

The new human speaks and acts from love in all circumstances as an Awakening Giant in our world.

The new way of being is Love and love embraces all things,

allows all things, trusts all things and therefore transcends all things.

The new way of being is our natural design.
The new human is our true self.
The new human is love.

We are the new human
We are one.
We are love.
We are Awakening Giants

This is the world I want to live in.

This is the world I’m co-creating.

You get to be a new human too!

Life is a Choice & It Is NOW!

With love,

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