When Things Spin out of Control

When Things Spin out of Control

Every single week (no exaggeration) I have a conversation with someone who feels like their life is spinning out of control.

Sometimes the conversation is with friends or a family member.

Sometimes it’s with a client I’m coaching.

Sometimes . . . it’s a conversation with my own mind.

When you feel like things are spinning out of control…


It seems like you just can’t get ahead…


You don’t know where to start…

I want you to know that this feeling can be caused by depleted brain chemistry or it can be caused by your mindset. MOST LIKELY – it’s a combination of both.

EITHER WAY…you can pull yourself out of OVERWHELM!

Here’s how to cure your overwhelm:

#1 – If you feel overwhelmed, over-stressed or burned out often, it is very likely that you are depleted in a brain chemical called GABA. Targeted nutrition in a customized protocol can restore these levels relatively quickly and you can feel clear, focused and energized again!

#2 – Check your thinking to see if your mindset is CREATING the overwhelm. There are many ways your thoughts can create overwhelm, but the one I see the most is thinking that you don’t have choice or control of your life.

Here’s an exercise to EXERCISE your power of CHOICE:

  1. Identify a situation where you think you don’t have a choice and write it on a piece of paper.
  2. Below that statement, write 5-10 potential alternative choices no matter how extreme they might seem.
  3. Acknowledge that you ARE making a choice of some kind, especially if you made that choice a long time ago. Then affirm your choice in a written statement.

Ex. My friend is serving jury duty this week. When she  texted me that she was unable to keep plans we’d made she wrote, “I’m on jury duty, not by choice.” 

If my friend were to do the exercise above it would look like this:

  1. I have no choice in serving jury duty.
  2. Possible alternative choices:
    -I could fail to show up and be arrested.
    -I could live in a country that doesn’t have an innocent until proven guilty judicial system so there would be no jury duty.    -I could respond to the jury summons with reasons that I can’t serve and negotiate until I’m released from duty.
  3. I’m serving jury duty today because I’ve chosen to remain living in a country with laws that state we are innocent until proven guilty and today I’m playing my part in that freedom.

Do you see how mindset changes EVERYTHING?

Now you try it!

Go to our Supercharge Your Brain Inner Circle Facebook group and post the #1 thought that is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Then…work the process.

Life is a Choice & It Is NOW!

With love,

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