You Are Energy

You Are Energy

Quantum Physics and Epigenetics have shown that down at a microscopic level EVERY thing in our world, including your physical body is made of cells and these cells are in constant motion!

Even things that appear solid or inanimate (chairs, books, computers, buildings, food, your hands, legs and feet) are actually a temporary collection of molecules that are swirling around in intricate patterns right now. The human body is comprised of 99% space between these active micro-molecules and the solidity of solid matter is merely an illusion of our perception.

All matter actually “shares” molecules on a regular basis and one example is that science has shown that EVERY person on the planet has shared an argon molecule in their air at one time or another. That means YOU have breathed or will breathe the same molecule of argon as Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, The Dalai Lama and even Hitler at some time in your life. Talk about connection!

You may tend to think of Energy as a way to describe your stamina or drive, but Energy is so much more. Energy is literally eternal life force running through all beings and objects. Energy is life.

Webster’s definitions of Energy include:

  • The capacity of being active
  • A positive spiritual force
  • Usable power

The nature of Energy is activity, meaning Energy must flow. When Energy is slowed down or becomes stagnant, the entity loses its life force or active nature. Every illness, depression, malnutrition, accident, perceived “problem”, or misalignment stems from Energy that is stuck. When you experience physical decline, mental anxiety, emotional turbulence or spiritual emptiness, you have pinched off the universal flow-usually without realizing it. The path to healing is through learning to allow the Energy to flow once again. Other words for flow or “to become active” is change, evolution, adaptation, forward motion.

Begin by becoming AWARE of your Energy at different times throughout the day.

Your Human Energy Flow is to:

– Wake up easily in the morning feeling rested
– Go to the bathroom probably within the first hour without any kind of stimulant or laxative
– Eat three meals a day and not feel hungry or have cravings in between
– Feel enthusiastic and content about your day
– Have great memory and stamina
– Go to sleep easily and sleep the whole night through
– Attract and create the life you desire.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. How was your Energy in comparison to this description?
  2. How would you describe your Physical Energy? Mental? Emotional? Spiritual?
  3. What can you do to allow Energy to better flow in these areas?
  4. How can connect with Energy that brings you JOY?

Share your responses to this exercise in our Supercharge Your Brain Inner Circle FB group. 

With love,

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