Did You Get Sick Already This Season?

Did You Get Sick Already This Season?

It seems like cold and flu season has started already!

I’ve talked to at least 5 people in the last week who caught a bug and are sick.

Every single one is pissed off and told me,

“I don’t have time to be sick! I have too much to do!”

When you catch a cold or flu, I encourage you to try my favorite remedies . . . 

  • Oregano Oil
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Echinacea
  • Hot water with lemon
  • Sleep
  • Rest

It is equally important to STOP FIGHTING AGAINST THE COLD OR FLU!!

When you are in a state of stress or resistance it constricts everything from your mind to your cells and their ability to absorb nutrition and heal! That’s why it’s so important to relax and rest.

So I’m sharing the strategy I just assigned to my client, Bethany when she got sick.

How to HEAL from a cold or flu:

  1. Write a 7 Day Gratitude Journal. The average cold lasts 7 days so take this downtime to write in your journal. Gratitude shifts your energy from constricted to open in a second! Try it…you’ll feel better immediately.
  2. Rest AND Sleep. Rest is different than sleep. Sleep is an essential time when our body rebalances hormones and neurotransmitters. Even if you find yourself out of sync with a normal sleep routine and sleep during the day or stay up late at night, wake yourself up early in the morning to stay in point with your circadian rhythm. During the day REST. This means taking downtime where you are not doing anything . . . just be . . . breathe . . . sit or lay in a cozy chair and allow yourself to relax.
  3. Use your “sick” time to do something that you would ONLY do because you have been slowed down. Watch a movie. Read the book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months. Call a friend that you’ve been “meaning” to call for weeks. Write a letter to someone you love and say something you’ve been putting off saying.

Embrace the quiet time and reconnect with yourself and your body.

TRUST me . . . the rat race will start again soon enough!

LOVE on yourself like never before!!

Speedy recovery, my friends!

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