Create Your Optimal THRIVING Environment

Create Your Optimal THRIVING Environment

You may have heard of the concept of Your Thriving Environment as The Healing Environment but it goes much deeper than that.

Let’s shift your attention from “fixing” or healing something that is wrong to creating the optimal environment for you to thrive.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (2004 study)

STRESS costs US businesses $300 Billion per year.

What is stress costing you?

– Stress contributes to every known illness and disease and maybe more importantly, it contributes to beautiful souls in human bodies living a less than engaged experience.

– Stress causes far too many people to live in “survive” mode.

– Stress is a top cause of Brain Chemistry Depletion.

The body and the brain can’t tell the difference between REAL stress or PERCEIVED stress and that means your internal stress response is engaged either way and if the stress is prolonged over a period of time it can cause damage – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Set yourself up for success by creating the most nurturing thriving environment possible. 

A thriving environment is a RELAXED environment!

Here’s how to create the optimal environment for you to thrive.

The “Thrival” Cocoon Exercise:

  1. How do you usually sabotage yourself?
  2. What needs to change for you to live your optimal life?
  3. What environment do you desire to create in order to live your FULL potential?
  4. What cramps your STYLE?
  5. What disrupts your GROOVE?
  6. What patterns do you agree to release?
  7. What disbelief must you suspend?
  8. What responsibilities are you ready to release?
  9. What are the things you know you already CAN do to best support your healing?
  10. Who COULD you be if you cleared these distractions?
  11. What is the MOST important change you WILL make this month to stock hi-jacking your awesomeness?

Share your responses to this exercise in our Supercharge Your Brain Inner Circle FB group. 

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