Are You Highjacking Your Awesomeness?

Are You Highjacking Your Awesomeness?

The latest findings in neuroscience have proven that the human body has neurons (brain cells) in more areas of the body than just the brain. Your gut has neurons, your heart has neurons. You “think”with these parts of the body as well!

The Head Brain gives you cognitive perception, thinking processes, meaning and language.

The Heart Brain gives you emotions, alignment with core values, relationship to others and situations.

The Gut Brain gives you core identity, protection or self-preservation, warning system and mobilization or action.

When you feel unhappy, stuck, frustrated or anxious about something, check in with ALL of your brains.

Use every part of you to “KNOW” your way through a situation.

Chances are you will find that your tension or uneasiness is due to looking at a situation with only one brain or that various parts of you are not aligned with each other. Some part of you may be silent while THE MIND is in the driver’s seat of your life.

Here’s how to find out if you’re out of alignment.

Hijacking Your Awesomeness Exercise:

  1. Journal a situation in your life that is currently hijacking your joy and YOUR AWESOMENESS.
  2. What part or parts of you have you used to try to ease the situation before? How has that worked?
  3. What does your head or mind think of the situation?
  4. What does THE MIND think the answer must be?
  5. What does THE MIND believe is true about this situation and your involvement in this situation?
  6. What does your heart have to say?
  7. How does your body feel when you bring awareness to the situation?
  8. What does your GUT know about the situation?
  9. What does your HIGHER POWER guidance tell you?

Remember, you aren’t listening to guidance if you want it to say a certain thing. You are only listening to guidance when you don’t care or have a preference of what it tells you.

  1. What do all other beings including this earth tell you?
  2. What will you do next about this situation?

Share your responses to this exercise in our Supercharge Your Brain Inner Circle FB group. 

Here’s to thinking with all of our brains!

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