There is no later – Detox Overwhelm Detox Tip #8

There is no later – Detox Overwhelm Detox Tip #8

I want to share an exercise that is REALLY helping my clients who want to stop spinning and start taking action on living their dreams. This exercise takes commitment and practice but 100% of my clients who try it LOVE IT and tell me it helps eliminate their overwhelm in life.

When you eliminate your overwhelm, you gain ENERGY. Literally. You’ll feel less drained.

Here’s the Stop Spinning Exercise:

  1. Identify a goal you have for yourself right now, preferably something you want to accomplish within the next week.
  2. Journal the top 3 thoughts that will likely arise in your mind to create procrastination. Write one thought per page in your journal allowing the rest of the page for YOU to respond to your mind.
  3. Begin to take action on your goal and each time one of the thoughts come up, journal your response to that thought. In other words, your reply to the mind when the mind tells you it can’t be done or gives you excuses to wait.
  4. Adopt a “There Is No Later Policy” This means 100% commitment that you will take action this week or give up your goal forever.

“There is no later” is a policy that serves every great leader.

This means you decide NOW.

You have the conversation you need to have NOW.

You take care of the detail NOW.

When you begin adopting this policy you will be amazed at how little time most action requires.

You’ll simply get things done and feel energized as you do!

I’ll give two client examples to illustrate:

Ex. #1 Beth – Beth wants to clear out clutter in her office and has procrastinated for some time.

She is implementing Steps 1-3 above and her “There Is No Later Policy” is that if she does clear out the box she designates each day, she will simply throw that box away because…there is no later!

Ex. #2 Diane – Diane wants to apply for a job she’s afraid she’s not qualified for. She is implementing Steps 1-3 above her “There Is No Later Policy” is that if she doesn’t apply for that job this week, she’ll NEVER apply for it – she’ll let it go.

This is an incredibly empowering exercise so TRY IT RIGHT NOW!!!

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