Are You Serious???

Are You Serious???

Happy Labor Day Weekend To Our US Peeps!!

As you may know, I recently took a group of social entrepreneurs and transformational leaders on a journey to stretch the boundaries of their own human potential while positively transforming our world. This is the first of 5 such journeys over the next year and I’m really glad I get to do it again not only because it was amazing to witness these leaders as they had a personal transformation and get through to the other side.

I’m excited to do it again because I had a transformation of my own. I’m sharing what happened and I’ve created an exercise just for you so that you can learn from my experience.

I had an amazing time on this adventure – we did ropes courses, played with wolves, did an “amazing race” and our members delivered their 8 min Ted Talk LIVE! This entire adventure was captured by a film crew for our upcoming web TV series-exciting stuff!!

Here’s what happened to me . . . 

Somewhere in the middle of the week, I started to not feel very good. I was experiencing big swings in my blood sugar and starting to feel like I did years ago when I had Adrenal Fatigue! I couldn’t put my finger on it because we served good food and this was a fulfilling experience! I knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep but I didn’t expect it to have that big of an effect on me. I felt stressed and bad in a way that I truly haven’t FOR YEARS. I even CRASHED pretty big for a few days after I returned home.

Now I KNOW stress affects the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas, but it took me a week to figure out what had stressed me out so bad.

I had become stressed out because . . .

I was making every step of this adventure out to be so…. SERIOUS!!

Because this was a new event for me to coordinate and because it was being filmed, I slipped back into attaching meaning to things, judging if events went well or not and making it out to serious instead of the playful experience I’d intended!

Just like our members, I “re-learned” when we are typically “in charge” and suddenly in a brand new situation – transformation happens. I reverted back to some old thought habits that hadn’t surfaced in a long time. It’s OK! I had a chance to practice my own philosophy of REBOUND!! I know exactly what to do on the next journey!

Here’s an exercise I created to help you DETOX SERIOUSNESS in your life:

  1. Create 3 columns on a piece of paper. Label the 1st column “Event/Task”, 2nd column “Serious”, 3rd column “Joyful”
  2. List every task and event that occurred yesterday in column #1
    You may want to choose your last “working” day if you do this on a weekend or holiday. Include everything from your workout, to a big project at work, to a discussion with a co-worker, to dinner with your family. Everything you did that day.
  3. Go down the list of events/tasks and put a check mark in either column 2 or 3 based on your “mood” as you completed each item.

How are you spending your time?

Are you serious more often or are you joyful?

This “view” of your day creates an opportunity to CHOOSE AGAIN and find a way to make every event/task JOYFUL.

This practice is powerful for your body, mind and spirit!!

Pick random days this upcoming week to do the exercise again.

Your heart (and brain) will thank you for removing STRESS and nurturing JOY!!

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With love,

PS – Here’s part of the journey where I was JOYFUL and PLAYFUL!! I’ll create this in every part of the adventure next time. Share your Detox Seriousness Results on our Facebook Page-Like Us Here and Share on the Post Titled “DETOX SERIOUSNESS” You’ll also see a great example of a client who just did this in a BIG WAY!!!

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