The #1 Thing People Want in Life (+How Brain Helps)

The #1 Thing People Want in Life (+How Brain Helps)

I spent the day yesterday at Elevate Films doing an interview to support the “challenge by choice” travel adventures I’m co-leading that are being made into a web TV series.

The Director asked me a simple yet profound question . . .

”What do most people want and how does this experience help them achieve that?”

After coaching 1000’s of people to find their true well-being and happiness, this was easy for me to answer. I’ll tell you what they want because I bet YOU want this too:

At the core, you want to feel ALIVE
You want to know your time on earth was well spent and that you made a difference

You want to know you MATTER

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When your brain chemistry is in balance, you naturally feel enthusiastic, flexible, happy, focused, clear, calm and satisfied.

When your brain chemistry is depleted, you turn to all kinds of “substitutes” in an attempt to feel that way. You might use food, sugar, alcohol or drugs OR you might use emotional outbursts, arguments, working too much or even over-exercising. All of these are artificial ways you try to simulate the flow of brain chemistry that makes you feel alive.

Good news – your brain chemistry levels can be restored naturally and when you do, you feel alive by design.

You feel READY to take on “challenge by choice.”

Challenge by choice means intentionally putting yourself in situations that give you the opportunity to grow and expand that feeling of aliveness.

I’ll put this in the terms I used with a client yesterday who is approaching weight loss in a whole new way. She mentioned that she wasn’t as frantic or panicked about losing weight as she had been in the past. That she is now focused on health and the activities and experiences she can be part of because she’s losing weight. That is the TRUE way to expand and feel alive. That is losing weight from LOVE and not fear. That is challenge BY CHOICE.

GREAT NEWS: The doors are open for The Brain & Body Makeover. The is a step by step proven process where you will:

#1-restore brain chemistry and heal other physical issues that get in the way of your aliveness

#2-stop spinning and grow the emotional resilience to ride the ups and downs of life while staying focused on your vision

#3-begin to challenge yourself by choice to grow the confidence that YOU can do anything you DESIRE

Sound good? Let’s talk about it! Click Here to tell me more about the difference YOU want to make in our world so I can help you get there.

With love,

PS – Challenge yourself by choice today. See how it goes. Does it trigger you? If so . . . post your experience on our Facebook Page and  I’ll give you coaching around it.

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