I’m Launching a TV Series to Inspire You & Change Our World

I’m Launching a TV Series to Inspire You & Change Our World

If I seemed a little quiet last week, it’s because I’m just back from leading a 7-day journey designed to inspire our members to become the master of their own destiny so they can change our world for the better AND it’s all being filmed for a web TV series.

I invite you to receive some the lessons they learned through their experience AND/or join us for the next adventure!

These 26 transformational leaders travelled to the San Diego Mountains and stretched every boundary of their own human potential while serving an incredible cause – The Wolf Connection – a wolf sanctuary and youth education and empowerment program that uses magnificent wolves to assist at risk teens learn to work through the challenges of their lives, be of service, care for other living beings and work toward being the kind of person they want to be in our world. Couldn’t we all benefit from those lessons?

The Wolf Connection

The transformations and empowerment that occurred for our members are too many to name so I’ll share just a few.

Ropes Courses – Our members did a ropes course and learned that everyone has an “edge”. One person’s edge might be standing on the top of a 25 ft pole and someone else’s edge might be stepping onto the first rung of the ladder and IT’S ALL THE SAME. An edge is an edge!  We ALL get stopped by our edge AND every single one of us can breathe, receive support and STAND UP to push through that edge.

Wolves – Our members walked with wolves, allowed wolves to lick their faces and slept under the stars to the lulling howls. Each wolf had a story and a lesson. We learned how the wolves collaborate for the good of the pack and how they “self-regulate” to not over stimulate themselves.

Inspire Event – We supported every one of our members in crafting their 8 min Ted-like talk to share their message with the world. Then we put them on a live stage at our Inspire Event. They received footage of their talk and a priceless experience of being on stage! For some-this was the biggest edge of all!

I won’t even get into the transformation that occurred when we did our version of The Amazing Race in Downtown San Diego and were joined for dinner by Don Miguel Ruiz of The Four Agreements.

This experience was the adventure of a lifetime and one where community, masterminding, culture and contribution played a major role in a positively produced, unscripted space, tv series being filmed by Mikki Willis of Elevate Films.

YOU can have this transformation too. I invite you to identify an “edge” in your life.

What is something you think you absolutely CAN’T do?

Join me for a Facebook Live on our One Whole Health page TOMORROW morning, 8/24 at 6 AM PT 9 AM ET to share that edge and receive coaching and support for stepping through it!

Imagine a world where everyone felt inspired to be the masters of their own destiny . . .

That’s whole health and that is what is possible!!

See you There!

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