This Is the Worst Thing for Your Brain (Overwhelm Detox Tip #7)

This Is the Worst Thing for Your Brain (Overwhelm Detox Tip #7)

Last week, we did the Supercharge Your Brain 5 Day challenge and just in case you missed it (or even if you’ve slipped a little with your healthy brain habits I want to share one of many exercises I taught to relax your brain and here’s why:

Perceived stress has the same effect on the brain as real stress.

The #1 stress for your brain is eating sugar.
The #2 stress for your brain is with perceived stress

Often it’s not what is actually happening in your life that causes stress for your brain . . . . it’s what you think about what is happening in your life.

Either way, here’s what happens when you are stressed:

  • All your body’s energy goes toward dealing with the “problem” and you feel tired
  • Your cortisol levels rise
  • Your body begins to store fat versus burn it as energy
  • Eventually this causes Neuro degeneration – death of brain cells in your hippocampus which is needed hormone regulator, needed for learning and memory. (this happens with other cells in the body as well contributing to every known disease)

YOU can turn this around!!

Try this exercise I created to help you release the thoughts that are stressing your brain!

How to Rewrite a Stressful Thought:
Events or situations are neutral until YOU attach a meaning and that sets CREATION in motion.
There is an order to how this happens:
Thoughts >>>>>Emotions

When you notice you feel stressed or tight, journal these steps:

  1. What have you been thinking?
  2. How does it makes you feel? What do you attract from that?
  3. Do you want to continue feeling and attracting that?
  4. What could you think instead? (easiest to change feeling and thought over belief)
  5. Try on for size . . . thinking the EXACT OPPOSITE
  6. Once you have new thought . . .
    – Two forms can’t exist in same place at same time
    – Like attracts like

Then the key is to practice, practice, practice this exercise!!

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“Growth (change) doesn’t happen from wanting it on occasion, it happens from desiring it and moving toward it consistently in every moment” ~ Leah Lund

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Relax your brain this weekend!!

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