What Would You Like To See? (I’m Listening)

What Would You Like To See? (I’m Listening)

This week our Brain Makeover members are diving DEEP into their thoughts and beliefs. They have truly come to understand that in order to sustain “physical, biological” health including brain health it is essential to know how thoughts and beliefs influence your biology and that you can CHOOSE those thoughts and rewrite those beliefs.

I’m here to help you do that too!

You too can:

Turn your mind back on itself and CHOOSE what you see and what you experience.

My spiritual teacher, Jayem, shared it this way:

Turning the mind back upon itself’ is a stage of spirituality BEYOND BELIEF.
It flowers ONLY after attempts to ‘gather new Ideas’ to form NEW beliefs.
We then replace old, tired out beliefs with ones that seem to offer ‘new hope’: this is called the stage of TRANSLATION, and marks the first and very early journey of spirituality.

The willingness and discipline and devotion to TRULY ‘question every belief you have ever held’ is not easy. It does NOT fulfill the “I” (which is ego) It activates both FEAR and DEFENSE. Yet, the ONLY thing that can happen is an INCREASE in spacious Wholeness, a dissolving of CORE Fear, and the BEGINNING of your capacity. 

That might sound overwhelming and hard to do but there is a simple way to start.

That’s why I’m sharing an exercise we are using in The Brain Makeover called:

The Habit Formula

It’s a 3 step process to CLEARLY see WHAT YOU SEE and what you do and how you react and most importantly . . . 

How it makes you feel when you see that way.

So you can CHOOSE to see things differently and CHOOSE to feel happy.

Here it is:

The Habit Formula and a Keystone Habit

All habits have the same formula:

  • Situation (Trigger)
  • Behavior/Action
  • Reward/Result/Outcome

To deconstruct why you do the things you do simply note the formula.

Ex. Your spouse makes a mess in the house. (Situation) You explode into an argument. (Behavior) They apologize and the two of you connect. (Connection)

You can CHOOSE to change any of the steps. Pick the one that feels easiest.

All situations are neutral and you have complete freedom to choose your perception and response. What if you skipped the argument and went straight to reward?

How can you “build” this reward into your life without needing manipulative or self-defeating behavior?

[Tweet “Changing one Keystone Habit can open the door for total evolution.”]

Focus on one key pattern of behavior, you will find it easier to reprogram other routines. For example, people who join a gym suddenly find themselves eating less fast food. There is a snowball effect. Choose one habit to change FIRST that will change how you see yourself and what is possible for your life.

Give it a try and share your exercise in our Supercharge Your Brain private forum

I’ll meet you there and I’m here to help.

With love,

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