Find Your Fire! Then MAGNIFY (Overwhelm Detox Tip #5)

Find Your Fire! Then MAGNIFY (Overwhelm Detox Tip #5)

It’s been a pretty full week so far for me and I’m coming up for air today to reach out to you because I know YOU have a full week too.

I was thinking of you this morning in my meditation and really wanted to share something that will help you stay focused and in your zone for the last couple days of the week and anytime you need it because you are tooooo amazing to be weighed down by overwhelm.

Here’s my BIG take away from my meditation this morning:

Detoxing overwhelm is not really about getting more done (although that happens too).

Clearing your mind from overwhelm helps you raise your vibration which is your point of attraction.

Find Your Fire

With you in mind, I decided to create an Overwhelm Detox tool that can help you release the tension and boost your energy so you can attract what you desire in your life, life in flow and FIND YOUR FIRE!

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When the constriction of overwhelm kicks in because:

– things aren’t going exactly how you wanted OR

– your list of things to do keeps growing now matter how long of a day you put in OR

– no matter how much you get done, something slips through the cracks and you disappoint someone

Take a step back and a deep breath and remind your mind:

Overwhelm is simply a sign that the energy of the world is moving fast and YOUR energy is not up to speed. It’s just like trying to merge onto the freeway at 30 mph when everyone else is driving 65!

Even though it might feel counter-intuitive in the moment, the solution is NOT to put more pressure on and run around like a maniac trying to squeeze in MORE. The solution is to RELEASE THE TENSION so you can OPEN yourself up to allow the faster energy to FLOW through you.

Here’s a 3 Part Overwhelm Tool to help you release that tension:

  1. When something feels off or strained during the day, take a moment to shift your attention to your body. What do you sense? It might be a tightening pit in your stomach. My sign is that my shoulders rise up to my ears and I actually hold my breath. The point is…LEARN TO NOTICE YOUR PHYSICAL CLUE. This is the first sign of overwhelm long before your mind realizes what’s going on and it is a sign that you are subconsciously trying to slow down the energy around you vs. live in flow WITH that energy.
  2. The moment you notice the Physical Clue, grab a piece of paper and write down what you noticed. Then write what your mind is focused on (and stressed about). There might be several things on your mind . . . if that’s the case, write them all down and then take a few deep breaths reread your list and choose the #1 cause of your tension.
  3. That #1 overwhelming thought you are having is creating a vibration of energy within you and that is the energy you are sending out to the world . . . …and THEREFORE the exact vibration of energy you will receive back. That’s how energy works . . . the universe MAGNIFIES the vibration you are putting out. In this very moment that you are writing your thought, YOU get to CHOOSE what energy you want to continue magnifying. The fastest way to shift your energy and open yourself to greater flow is to identify where your vibration is and deliberately choose to raise it. How? By RELAXING about that #1 overwhelming thought. Take 4 deep breaths. Remind the mind that the more you worry about that thought, the less energy you are allowing to flow through you and the more likely it is whatever the thought is about will continue to be a problem. Then let that thought GO!! You can scream it at the top of your lungs…”I release thinking about . . . ” or you can take the piece of paper you were just writing on and ball it up and TOSS IT.  It can also be helpful to repeat a statement that relaxes you like . . . ”Things will work out fine” or  “ I have all the time in the world for that which is a priority” or even to turn the hard problems over to the universe vs. try to “figure it out” and then say “I’m open to receiving the answer.”

This process can be done in less than 5 minutes and the more you do it, the faster you will do it. At first, you may need to do it several times a day. That’s GREAT!

It’s three simple steps:
1. Notice Physical Clue
2. Write down the Clue and the Thought that is causing it
3. Release the Thought

This is a pattern interrupt that allows you to relax and open yourself to the flow and then ANYTHING is possible. You might just surprise yourself with what you are able to attract.

I’d love to hear how this works for you and what you create! I’m also here to help you practice if it’s hard to do at first.
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Let me know how I can support you!

Be Healthy . . . Be Happy . . . Be Laughter . . . Be Love!


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