Checking in – This Is an Option

Checking in – This Is an Option

Recently I was coaching a very ambitious business professional and our intention for the call was to track her progress of the goals she’s set for 2017. She came to the coaching call having listened to a special webinar I did on sleep and she said,

“That webinar hit me right between the eyes! After years and years of programming myself to sleep with one eye open for my children and to keep my head down focused on raising my kids and doing a great job at work –

It didn’t even cross my mind that not only could I expect good sleep but I could make it a goal.”

What about you and your goals?

Are your goals always reserved for business, family and financial achievements?

Does feeling good ever make its way into your planning and goal setting?

This conversation got me thinking about how I could support you in feeling good and in making how you feel a priority because:

[Tweet “Feeling good is a CHOICE that takes practice and attention.”]

And it goes deeper than that.

You are DESIGNED to feel good. It’s part of your purpose here because when you feel good your vibration rises and you can CONSCIOUSLY create instead of going through the motions of life.

Here’s my invitation to you –

I’ve created a Feeling Good On Purpose Reset.

  1. On a scale of 1-10 rate how good you feel right now. (10 is over the top, awesome and 1 is dragging yourself through the day)
  2. Choose 1 area of your well-being (ex. energy, sleep, healthy eating, less work, less stress) that if you improved that area it would slide your “feel good rating” higher up the scale.
  3. Then write 3 things you KNOW you CAN do that always make you feel better in that area.
  4. Share these commitments in our Supercharge Your Brain Private Group. This creates a stronger commitment.
  5. Practice including these 3 actions in your day EVERY day for 2 weeks. I’ll be there to help you troubleshoot and stay on track!

You’ve just created your Feeling Good On Purpose Reset for your health and happiness.

As you put this reset into practice, I’d love to hear what you notice about how you feel AND what you notice happening around you. What shows up? What are you creating that felt hard before?

Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to feel good!!

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