Hey-Do You Know You’re in Charge? (Overwhelm Detox Tip #4)

Hey-Do You Know You’re in Charge? (Overwhelm Detox Tip #4)

When I hosted a private VIP Retreat Intensive with my client, Robin, one of her biggest takeaways (and mine) was a simple sentence:

“Cuz I’m in charge!!!”

Whenever she started a sentence with “I should” or gave a reason she couldn’t take time for herself, one of us would yell, Robin and Copper

Wait! I don’t have to do that because…” and then we’d both join in “I’m in charge!” 

I share this with you today (with permission) because not only did this “theme” help Robin and me SO MUCH on her retreat, but it totally shifted both of our perspectives on challenges and obligations in life. Once she brought this perspective to all the things that were stressing her out and overwhelming her, it became a POWERFUL filter!

And you can choose to filter out overwhelm too!

I invite you to use this “filter” exercise that helps me every single time I feel overwhelmed.

Robin inspired it and I love it! (You will too.)

You can only be your best when your brain is performing at its peak potential and OVERWHELM slows your brain down and triggers the stress response.

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Here’s the Overwhelm Filter Exercise:

  1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.
  2. At the top of the left column write “Things I Want To Do” and on the top of the right column right column write “Things I Have To Do”.
  3. Look at today’s schedule or calendar and copy everything on your To Do List into the column that best applies.
  4. Look at the “Things I Want To Do” and below the column write 3 reasons you are grateful for what you get to do.
  5. Look at the “Things I Have To Do” and below the column rewrite one thing from that list where you commit to exercising more control. Write the “To Do” and then write an action you will take TODAY to take charge of that item. It might be NOT to do it at all (cross it off the list) or it might be a modification that takes the To Do from a “should” to a “want.”

Go ahead and do that know and let me know how it goes at www.facebook.com/onewholehealth.

Be  Healthy…Be Happy…Be Laughter…Be Love!


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