Freedom from Overwhelm Tip #2

Freedom from Overwhelm Tip #2

You have a special blessing and gift to give our world.

You know that and I know that.

You probably also realize that sometimes your light becomes a little dimmed with distractions, worries, self-doubt and obligations. It’s common to fall into OVERWHELM now and then.

That’s why I want to share another tip with you to FREE yourself from the weight of feeling overwhelmed.

Actually, today’s tip is 2 tips!

Try them out and tell me what you love about these tips on our Facebook Page!

The first hour of your work day – don’t confuse this with the first hour of your day – that’s for YOU. That’s your Sunrise Ritual time.

The first hour of your work day sets the tone for whether or not you confidently go through your day staying in the moment and accomplishing the things that are the most important to you  . . .


You get sidetracked and run behind all day only to the end the day feeling disappointed with what you didn’t get done.

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Here are 2 strategies to make sure that never happens to you:

  1. Start the work day with a Quick Hit. This means pick something that you can knock out quickly and have immediate success. This boosts your motivation and your energy and sets a tempo of productivity for the day.
  2. Pick your big rock of importance. This means to make the first thing you do in your work day the ONE thing that will matter to you most at the end of the day. This practice takes mindfulness and taking a pause at the start of the day to ask the question . . .

What is the most important thing I could accomplish today that when I do, I will KNOW I’m living my purpose?

Neither of these strategies are better than the other. They both work to detox the overwhelm, so try one today and one tomorrow. Play with the best type of day to use each strategy.

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